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hello i  read alot of the stuff in here and i really dont get much of it. id like to try and understand about christainity, if you do comment give me time to find it  my pc skills are so vast i can actually loose myself on the same page im on if thats possible lol

i see all these shiny little links and i cant help clicking them and ive learned that  sometimes clicking can actually log you out ,,,which kinda defeats the purpose of surfing hey?

im not afraid to try new things once i wrote a complete full page  really cool reply and did you know one click made it go into a completely new realm i cant find it anywhere......wait.....that wasnt my point at all......point is i was just saying hello and im very familiar with the inbox[aka] mail box soooo give me a reply and be patient i will find u at some point.and shoot the breeze .

thanks for letting me be here


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Welcome AJ,

Where are you from?

Are you part of a church congregation?


Hi AJ,

I'm willing to help you along.  I look forward to hearing from you.


hello, Mike

, nice to meet you. what exactly is discipleship?, i understand it to be like clearing things up in your beliefs and doctrine , am i close?

and what type of doctrine do you need to have for salvation?

and if your very sure the doctrine you believe is true and youve  looked it up and got all the t's crossed, and turns out its a ..a essential.. is that good enough?

i know alot on the christian faith, i was completely against it,from a child it wasnt veiwed to highly in my circle.. but im willing to give it a good look at im not combative im interested ,in learning but, i base what i learn from the greek defintions of a word in the bible... like , if someone says why, john 3;16 says for god so loved the world he gave his own son that none should perish then i study the word perish look it up in greek and and it doesnt lead into a doctrine of hell. see? perish means in greek just what the bible scribes wrote to wither away........... anyways.

nice to meet you


Here's my email:  Let's try to keep things topical and minimize rabbit-chasing!  Send me a topic and we can go from there.


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