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My church is hosting an interfaith service to include Muslim, Jewish, "Yoga," Catholic, and a smattering of various Christian denominations. I have some mixed feelings. What do others think of these kind of events?

Supposedly each each will wear their traditions vestments, speak on their faith practice calling for unity, peace, tolerance,etc.

A similar event generated the following article:

WALNUT CREEK -- The imam of Concord's Dar-Ul-Islam mosque stood at the front of Grace Presbyterian Churchhere Saturday, chanting from a Quran lying atop an opened Bible, filling the room with sonorous rhythms and a call for peace in the aftermath of a Florida pastor's threat to burn copies of the Muslim holy book.
The event, a "Day of Unity and Healing," was held by the Bay Point-based Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County. More than 100 people came to listen, worship and build bridges in the aftermath of the threatened Quran burning by the Rev. Terry Jones, pastor of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.
Similar events took place all over the country Saturday, though Jones called off his threat to burn the holy book.Spiritual leaders across the U.S., also worried about an upswing in anti-Muslim sentiment over plans for a mosque near ground zero in New York City, planned the interfaith events to promote tolerance and respect for all religions.
"Allah is all-powerful and forgiving," Amer Araim of the Dar-Ul-Islam mosque in Concord chanted in Arabic, then in English, to the hushed crowd. A row of Qurans bound in vivid red, green and black leather stood on a table in the back. Muslim women in white, black, olive and multicolored head scarves and Muslim men in suits and caps attended the event along with members of other faiths.
"Fanaticism breeds a culture of mistrust and violence devoid of common goals," said Atif Mian, president of the Oakland chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Oakland. "As a Muslim-American, I see the Sept. 11 terrorist attack as a direct attack on my faith."
The imam, who also teaches at UC Berkeley, said, "The Quran says that Islam, being a religion of peace, does not attack other religions."
Members of other religions, including the Baha'i Faith and Christian Science, spoke, and at one point Brian Stein-Webber, an organizer of the event and a member of the Interfaith Council, led the group in a yoga Salute to the Sun.
"We, sisters and brothers, are to love the 

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This scares me...The Quran on TOP of the Bible...A leader of another faith speaking in front of the CHURCH.  It sounds like idolatry of the rankest kind.  I once went into a Mosque, with my head covered and kept silent.  I would NEVER have stood up, opened a Bible and stood up to preach.  It would never be allowed!  After I left, I felt oppressed and carried obvious demonic oppression, that others witnessed the effects of, with me until it was sent away by prayer.  Through that experience and a vivid dream I received before going to Nepal, it became clear to me that, as a Christian, I have no place being in any place of worship for any religion that does not uphold GOD as GOD, ALL BY HIMSELF.

The open marketplace is a whole other matter, and there I will be courteous, respectful and peaceable to all people, of any faith.  I will pray, and look for opportunities to share the TRUTH of CHRIST's supremacy, but I will not make a spectacle of myself or cause discord by being obnoxious about my beliefs. 

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