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I'm so thankful for the memorization that I did when I was younger.  Though my desire to memorize Scripture today is still strong, my memory is not.   My short-term memory is horrible.  Does anyone have any strategies for Scripture Memory with those of us who have memory problems?

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Hi Jenni,

As we age, some of us do have the unfortunate of memory loss.  However, I was thinking of this at lunch time today, how easy it is to remember His Words.

I can forget my keys, glasses, where did I park my car! His Words do not escape me.  The Holy Spirit seals it in our being.

Now, granted it does take study, consistency in study, and it will not disappear from our hearts/mind.

Good topic

A great APP I found on the internet for scripture memory is called "REMEMBER ME".   I believe it is free or very inexpensive.  It will give you hints for the verse, you can install a reminder for a particular time each day to study/review, and stores the verses into three categories: NEW,  DUE (to learn), and KNOWN (for review).   You don't have to enter the verse, it allows you to select the verse from many different Bible versions.   It has a five star rating by users.  I don't have the link handy, but just do a search for "remember me scripture memory".   Has a rose-colored-heart-shaped icon.  

On a smart phone: When you are learning the verses under the DUE category, the verse address (e.g. John 3:16) comes up, then you can ask for a hint by holding your finger down on the verse, and the category comes up that you called it (e.g. Salvation) and then a quick tap gives you the words of the verse.    Fling up if you got it correct, down if wrong.  Very user friendly, once you get the hang of it.  If I can do it, most anyone can.  I'm not a geek.

I got very excited at first when I downloaded this app, but made the mistake of adding too many verses initially.  Start out slow, with just a few verses, then add more as you learn them.   

Hope this helps.  

the links that were provided no longer work.  can anyone provide the links,  george

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