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I am on a job market and received an interview invitation from Loyola University Maryland. As I know of the school has a Jesuit foundation, I've got some reluctance deep in my heart. What do you think of working for a Catholic school? I'll appreciate if you could give me any advice on this matter. 

p.s. I wonder if their slogan "For the greater glory of God" has any conflict with protestant's belief.

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Ray - The way I would approach a situation like this is as follows;
1. Is it forbidden explicitly or implicitly by Scripture? If Scripture is silent, then the below questions kick in -
2. Is my conscience clear?
3. Does it compromise my testimony as a christian?

If I were in your shoes, I would not have a problem working at a catholic school. It is when the activities, I am performing come in direct conflict with Scripture - then that would be a problem.
Thanks very much, Charles.
I also came to know about John Piper through your other messages, that gives me a good insight into how we can enjoy God and his world. Thanks!

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