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What are the emPOWER tools?

In the letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul reveals a systematic theology that lays a firm foundation for faith in the first eleven chapters. He explains the Gospel, the nature of man, sin, the Law, justification, the work of Christ, atonement, faith and salvation. Paul believed that the life of a person saved by the grace of God is transformed. He asserted that believers corporately are mobilized for ministry in the Body of Christ. In the process of sanctification by the Holy Spirit, every believer is given a spiritual gift as recorded in Romans Twelve at the moment of salvation to motivate one in the edification of the Church.
These tools are as unique in a spiritual sense as items in a carpenter’s workshop. A board could be cut with a hammer and a pair of pliers. However, a saw would be much more effective. Spiritual gifts are tools for ministry that are given as a gift of the Holy Spirit for building the Kingdom of God.
Please join the discussion below by answering a few key questions:
What ministry area/role do you enjoy the most?
How did you get started in this role?
How long have you been doing this ministry?
How did you know that this was God's will for you to continue in this role?
What is your spiritual gift?
How did you discover this gift?
What is the relationship between your ministry role and your spiritual gift? How do these work together?

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Comment by Davis Ochieno Juma on April 22, 2014 at 11:16am

My fellow soldiers in the kingdom.
Praise the Lord,
I am a pastor  from Western Kenya. My passion is evangelism
and church planting. I traveled in the some areas in Kenya and I have
really been touched because the gospel has not been fully reached
there. This is why I am writing to you so that we can partner to reach
the souls there for Christ and plant churches. May God help us to
focus our eyes on the harvest and make it our business to bring it in.
 Please check these videos of my recent mission below.
I hope to hear from you soon.
God bless you and grant you good health-3John2.
Yours In His Service,
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma- email:

Comment by Helen Andila on October 1, 2013 at 4:16pm
Nice to meet you all.

I'm from Soroti in Uganda. I love the Lord n everyday I want to love him even more.

I know we will grow together and be blessed .
Comment by Carol A. Brown on October 1, 2013 at 11:36am

Hi Jennifer,

I love it when I see people living according to design. You are one of the "sensitive ones" and it sounds like you are very comfortable being you! How wonderful that you  were able to escape the boxes of society that the enemy uses to oppress so many and separate them from their design--using the very gift of God against them so they come to hate how they are made. Arrrgh! You are indeed going to be a blessing to a small congregation.

People gain relational skills by imitating and by watching so as you live your design joyfully that will be contagious. Blessings on your ministry.

I'm new to the Discipleship Network as well! Nice to meet like minded, big spirited people!

Comment by Jennifer Sathre on September 30, 2013 at 8:54pm

Hello all of you!

I currently don't serve in an official role at the church I belong to. I just recently joined (6 months) and the Pastor and his wife have been personal friends of mine for 8 yrs. I feel God has placed me there to come along side them and help bring some clarity and to help the small congregation in discipleship and to help bring growth to the Church.. Pastor Doug and Linda are in agreement with that. and have released me to do and speak when I felt led by the Spirit. I of course am very respectful of His authority and the knowledge that I am a very new person to this very small group..So right now it is just getting to know the people and to gain their  trust.  

I have served in my former church in many areas from Youth Ministry, Healing/Prayer Ministry, OutReach and Counseling Ministry's. This time frame encompassed 17 yrs.

I have a Pastoral gifting that encompasses all that I do in and outside of the church. I also have an anointing to pray for the sick and to see God Heal emotionally and Physically. That is most recent and It comes with a word of knowledge from God to them.. Very interesting for me to see words written above people and when  reveled  to them, it is so for them.. Exciting times Our God has us in!

I can't say I enjoy one more than the other because it is all so natural for me and seems like breathing! I love when God moves and heals small things just to show He loves someone so much.. Like the gal at a local office I walked into and she was needing to do Grant reports and her finger was acting up and very sore. I asked if I could pray for healing of it so she could complete her work and she said yes! So very quietly there I prayed for God to Touch and heal her finger and then asked her to move it and she did!! She exclaimed "I couldn't do that before!! I checked back later and she said she had had no pain and no problems with it. I do love things like that!

How did I discover these gifts? Well they just are who I am.. I don't know that I can explain it any other way. Even when I wasn't following the Lord I was always helping with peoples problems and organizing events to help someone in need hosting dinners at my home on holidays inviting all those my husband and I worked with that had no where to go... So I believe that we have natural gifting's and God manifests them into Super natural gifting's when we say yes to him and surrender our lives to His will.

I am looking forward to some ideas and certainly am coveting any prayer for this small congregation and the Things of God that He has planned for us!

Blessings to you all!

Comment by Carol A. Brown on September 30, 2013 at 2:11pm

: ) Nice to "meet" the two of you! So, about me:

Ministry area: I am a writer. The part I enjoy about that is hanging out with God to hear what is on His heart. Then comes the hard part--putting that into plain English! And then comes the fun part--teaching others as the Lord gives opportunity and seeing the light of understanding in their eyes! Big buzz!

I got started writing to save my sanity after a massive MS attack. My husband and I pastored for 18 years while I taught university level English language (TESOL). Then he moved into pastoral counseling and training of counselors and I ended up joining him when he taught in schools for Elijah House Ministries.

During the first three years of recovery the Lord made it clear that I was to "make plain the mysteries of God." (Eph. 3)

My spiritual gift is teaching. I knew it since childhood. It is sort of a reflex but I continually receive confirmation from people who hear me speak that there is a clarity that obviously comes from God. So I have been writing since 1995 when He revealed that I had not lost my classroom--it had expanded to the world. I have tried to quit several times but each time He reaffirms the calling to continue to "make plain" that which is on His heart.

Ministry role and spiritual gift--First I hang out with God and then I tell people what I learned there! Publishing is all details and technology and I'm not particularly fond of that part.


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