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Introduction to the Discipleship Directory

Equip Christ followers to reimagine disciple-making


  • Point disciple-makers to a site(s) that has benefitted you
    • Biblical content
    • Practical resources
    • Edifying teaching
    • Excellent conference-workshop-seminar connections
  • Provide:
    • A brief description
    • An active link


The website you add to the #Reimagine Directory can also serve as a Meet-Up! place.

Meet people and share ideas on specific areas of discipleship.

Join a group of like-minded learners, or if there's not one already, start your own by clicking Add a New Site or Group.

Maybe you want to grow in your understanding of the Bible and would like to discuss the Scripture you are reading and meditating on. Maybe you want to interact with others about what it means as a Christ follower to enjoy and relate to God. Perhaps you want to network with others who are exploring how to live out God's design for them. There could even be a place to share tips and ideas about discipling others. The possibilities are endless. There are public and moderated groups. Anyone in our Discipleship.Network community can join a public group. But there can be moderated groups, also, where, for example, you may need to be in a certain role or to join.

When you Add a Group, you are able to give your group a name, describe who it's intended for, and any other information that would help a person know what your group is about. If you will be meeting at certain times, give that information, too. Then send your invitation and get ready to make new friends!

Note: This is primarily a directory, so every group must also point to a topic-based website.


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