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Quite sometime. The human landscape, from one nation to another calls for serious prayers and engaging and re-engaging that the way out of human dilemma lies in the LORD Jesus word- "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

The issue of discipling the nations becomes also very imperative. However, my observation is that the Church is not very coordinated about this -let me say this as I watched the region that I belong to. I would like to see a…


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Since my last posting, as the opportunity comes my way again for reflections. What is the situation with our world? So many answers would likely come in depending on on the side we belong. To believers as we rejoice seeing people turning to the LORD and are being discipled, yet in many regions of the world, wars, poverty and some dreadful things are occurring unabated.

I have also had the opportunity of reading opinions of some notable people that have shaped our world, I wondered why…


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The background from which I came from, coupled with the gradual growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ and the opportunity of learning from different teachers helped me to evaluate what I had been taught based on the Word of God that the discipleship life must of necessity be well considered for the present state of the Church and for her future especially from the region that I belonged to. I am aware of the state of the Church in other places.

Sometimes different denominations or…


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The holy Bible is a unique book. My contact with the Book started as an enquirer about the God that Christians worship and serve. I have read some other books before picking up the Book but none of these arrested my attention as the Bible.

Looking back over the years since coming to know God, I am thankful to the LORD that He used His Word to bring me to Himself.

My spiritual growth was gradual but I have found the Scriptures to be true and the living God to be…


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I became a believer during my youthful days but did not receive early discipleship training but not without reading materials from different reliable sources. 

The holistic view of discipleship is of great interest to me - growing up spiritually, in wisdom and knowledge, caring for people and God's world. I am interested in what constitutes what goes into the curriculum in educating children, and how we can have for a lifelong learning.

I have started putting some of my…


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