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Dont boast about tomorrow for you dont what the day may bring.

-         Prov 27:1

Modern man thinks of time in linear terms.  We see it as a span from the beginning of time (whenever that might be) to the year 0 before Christ and the 1st Century AD until today, 2010.  We think of the past as behind us and the future as ahead of us.  However, from ancient times, the Hebrews have the opposite orientation.  To them, the past is before their very eyes since it is already known and written in history; but the future is behind them because it is a closed door, dark and unknown.

I kind of like the Hebrew way of thinking.  The HOLY SPIRIT woke me up very early today and described to me how the ancient Hebrew thinks of time and how it is intimately related to their walk with GOD.  Because the future is completely unknowable to the natural man, he has to trust in someone who can guide him faithfully through the unknown frontier.  It is like walking backwards.  It is unnatural and the walk is uncertain and shaky.  It is like walking blindly.  The real Israeli would rather take the hand of ADONAI and let Him lead because he knows ADONAI knows the way home.  After all, that is where he wants to go.  Home is GOD’s Kingdom built not with human hands but a magnificent eternal dwelling whose architect and builder is ADONAI ELOHIM.

To the ancient Hebrew, time and space is the same and it is quite notable that recently, modern science teaches that time and space are similar.  It seems that the more science advances and discovers, the more it confirms the declarations of Scripture.

Some people would consult mediums and spiritists, consulting the dead on behalf of the living;  would you rather not consult your GOD?  In the very center of the Bible, Psalm 118:8 says:  “It is better to trust in the LORD that to put confidence in man!”


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