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Becoming Pregnant with the Purposes of God

One year I received a Christmas card from a mentor of mine, he signed the card, "May You Become Pregnant With the Purposes of God. He knew that part of my history involved issues with infertility but he also knew that my heart longed to be involved in some sort of ministry. God always seemed to speak to me through this friend and so I began to pray about his message to me. Instead of praying for more children, I simply prayed that God would indeed let me become pregnant with His purposes and to make them clear to me.

Since I am trained as a therapist, my first inclination was to use my professional skills to provide Parenting classes and workshops. So for the next several months, I worked diligently to market my classes/workshops. I can't even tell you how many letters were sent to daycares, schools, churches, and parents in the community. But I had little response. Then one day, God began to show me that it wasn't parenting classes and workshops that he wanted me involved in, it was spiritual parenting--Disipleship. He began to open doors that I never would have opened myself and He placed me in a position where I had the privilege of discipling approximately 45 of the 80 member congregation that I was in.

Most of these members were senior citizens who had been in the church all their lives, but somehow they missed being taught the basics of Christianity. How precious it was to see person after person between the ages of 60 & 80 come to me with tears in their eyes, thanking me for helping them to finally understand their Bible or teaching them to pray. I can honestly say that I've never experienced anything more satisfying than when I've been involved in discipling others.

My mentoring friend passed away before I had a chance to share how his words impacted my life but he would have rejoiced with me in all of the spiritual children God blessed me with.

Jenni B.

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Comment by Ann H. LeFevre on October 25, 2010 at 10:17pm
I have been blessed to mentor several women over the years and it is my favorite form of discipleship. I love watching how God uses what He has taught me through my life and uses it again in another's. Sometimes it makes the most painful experiences worthwhile. And in a culture where the self and selfish desires are held to be the most important thing in life, I have found a far greater value in investing in others and seeing them grow. I'm glad this mentor had such a powerful impact on you. I hope that my mentorees will some day feel the same about me.
Comment by Margie Williamson on October 23, 2010 at 2:52pm
What an amazing testimony this is, not only of what God has done in your life, but how a mentor was God's voice to you as well. Thanks for sharing!


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