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The holy Bible is a unique book. My contact with the Book started as an enquirer about the God that Christians worship and serve. I have read some other books before picking up the Book but none of these arrested my attention as the Bible.

Looking back over the years since coming to know God, I am thankful to the LORD that He used His Word to bring me to Himself.

My spiritual growth was gradual but I have found the Scriptures to be true and the living God to be faithful.

However as I continue to learn and watch His Church in my locality, my greatest desire is to see God's Community well grounded in God's holy Word, and to subsequently build people up - whatever the life's calling and that every believer would be an ambassador for God. 

Unknown to me whether a new believer should be discipled or not, I invested my time reading some christian materials. Very early in life I read some good books - books by Billy Graham, Hearald of His coming  publications. The Navigators books and magazine were special to me - why? Their books and materials focus on God's Word. Then one Rev Moore black book (a book without a title on discipleship). The Bible being the major book helped me to know what to accept or reject on matters relating to doctrines

In later period I came across these three books;
Discipling Nations -Darrow L. Miller   
On Mission with God by Avery T. Willis, Jr. & Henry T. Blackaby
Living By The Book by Howard G. Hendricks & William D. Hendricks
These three books have meant so much to me and I intend to seek the permission to be allowed to use them for teaching purposes. I will also be interested in other materials that have authors with a christian mindset.
Looking back and with the biblical understanding, the most important thing I would like to offer a new believer is sound christian education and adequately make sure early childhood christian education is put in place.
I have also discovered that for any meaningful development to take place - building it in God's way needs guided education.
Where is humanity today? I am sure we know. The God - out - of - it education (humanism) / government and development.
With all that have put down, some structures must be in place for us to achieve our goals.
As I have indicated in my earlier posts, I am interested in people who would like to join this conversation.
May I add, I am also interested in seeing every believer being gainfully employed:

Also, make it your goal to live quietly, do your work, and earn your own living, as we ordered you.
Then your way of life will win respect from those outside the church, 1Th 4:11-12 

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