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         And Joshua said unto the people, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”  (Jos 3:5)

         A new generation of Israelites had been raised and was opposite the Jordan River, about to cross to Jericho. The command of ADONAI was, “Sanctify yourselves…” To enter into the Promise Land, ADONAI wants the people to make themselves ceremonially clean at the very least. The word in Hebrew for sanctify or consecrate is qadash, meaning to be holy and it is presented in the causative form which means to cause yourself to be clean. In the Hebraic mindset, it means to physically wash their bodies with clean water and also wash their clothes before they present themselves before the LORD. In the New Testament, we know that these ceremonial washings were a picture of the cleansing that the blood of the Lamb will bring to those who trust in the Messiah; and secondly, it is a picture of the washing of regeneration that the HOLY SPIRIT will perform to those who obey the Torah of ADONAI

         Why? For the next day, ADONAI will perform miracles in their midst. The Hebrew word qadash comes from the root word qadosh, meaning holy, the primary character of GOD. Thus ADONAI commanded Israel to “Be holy, for I am holy!” In order for ADONAI to work wonders before His people, they must be qualified to stand in His presence. We, ourselves, know that we have to be a holy vessel before we become a vessel of honor. To do the works of GOD, we must have the character of GOD. As Jeremiah said, “…I bear Y our Name, O LORD GOD of Hosts!” (Jer 15:16b)

        And yet, Israel did not conquer Jericho, but ADONAI alone. Jericho was destroyed not by the hand of man but by the word of ADONAI. For GOD does not war with weapons made by men but by His holy Word! GOD fought primarily not because of Israel but because He gave His solemn word to His friend, Abraham. Yes, Israel was precious in His sight, but they were a disobedient lot. But ADONAI ELOHIM gave His Word and His Word cannot be broken!

       Today, we also must learn that our heavenly FATHER honors His holy Word and He is faithful and He will not let His Word fall to the ground. The question is, will we trust His Word?

      The Word of ADONAI is His bond. This is the golden thread that binds our relationship with Him. So meditate on His Word and be cleansed. Use the Word against the enemy because with it, they are a defeated foe. The Truth shall set you free!



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