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Co-Signing a Lie!

Have you Co-signed a lie?


     Because of the Synoptic Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, this message will be given from the account of Matthew. We all know and understand that Matthew was the tax collector of that day. Matthew was familiar with Jewish history, customs, ideas, and Classes of people. He was well trained in the Torah writings.

     The terminology of the book suggests that the author was a Palestinian Jew. Other details point specifically to Jesus's disciple Matthew as the writer of this Gospel. As a tax collector, Matthew would have been literate and familiar with keeping records of money accurately. So as he watched the affairs of Jesus he wrote accurately the things Jesus encounter during that time.


     Now this event was taking place during the time of the unleavened bread or better yet the Passover. The Passover was a time to remember when God delivered His people from the bondage of Egypt into a land flowing with milk and honey. We are now some forty and two generation away from Egypt's account with Jesus and His disciples in a place called the Upper Room and Jesus is preparing His disciples for His death.

Jesus sends Peter and John ahead to make preparation for the supper. When all has been done as Jesus has asked, they all meet in a large upper room furnished and they made ready the Passover. He began to tell them that he has the desire to eat with them but he cannot eat with them until the Kingdom of God shall come.


     As Jesus prays and gives them the bread and fruit of the vine, He tells them that one of them is going to betray Him. And they all began to ask is it I, and Jesus says the hand of him is with me on the table. And yet while Jesus went through a trial period and afterward Judas returned with a multitude and he drew near to Jesus to kiss's Him. Jesus asks Judas betrayed thou the Son of man with a kiss.


Point one:

     Judas had the best seat in the house, he was seated on the right side of Jesus. At this point, Judas had forgotten all that Jesus had said and done. He forgets that Jesus was the Messiah. Judas was not a part of the inner circle with Jesus so it seemed like Judas did not have the right relationship with Jesus as the other disciples. Jesus said but, behold, the hand of him that betrayed me is with me on the table. And truly the Son of man Goethe, as it was determined: but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayed!

     Judas was determined that he would be the one who would betray Jesus and he did so for thirty pieces of silver. Judas co-signed a lie for money, who have you co-signed a lie to be betrayed?


Point two:

Judas Co-signed a lie with a kiss. Why?

     1. Jealousy. Judas seemed to have been jealous of the other apostles. There seems to be some kind of priority and importance. He was not only called by Jesus, he was elevated and given a position of authority among the apostles. Judas had been appointed the treasurer of the group, an extremely important function. He was in charge of the Lord's funds and the purchasing of whatever was needed. Judas was never seen as one of the inner circle of three (Peter, James, and John).

     2. Ambition. Judas was definitely ambitious. He went to the Chief Priests thinking they were the winning team. Right along with the other disciples, Judas was seeking the higher position in the government Jesus was to set up.

Judas became convinced that he had been mistaken about Jesus. Jesus was not the real Messiah. He was just another mistaken self-proclaimed messiah. He was doomed and there was no way out. Judas experienced his dreams of wealth and power and position with Jesus being shattered. In going to the chief priests he was trying to get what he could out of the situation by "Co-Signing a Lie." He wanted to be in good standing with the winning side and to get what he could. So Judas Co-signing a lie with the Chief Priest to kill Jesus.


  3. Greed. Judas was a thief, consumed with greed and the love of money, this is the sin of Judas that is stressed above all the others by scripture. "what will ye give me, and I will deliver him (Jesus) unto you? He Co-signed a lie with a kiss. Judas was able to justify his betrayal in his own mind. He was, after all, helping the religious body and saving himself from being arrested as one of the followers of Jesus. Therefore, he betrayed Jesus of Nazareth, who apparently in Judas's mind was just another mistaken self-proclaimed messiah who was doomed to be arrested and condemned as an insurrectionist. Co-Signing a Lie!


1. The hands laid upon Jesus were the hands of the rude, the abusive, the unconcerned, the neglectful, the violent. When they should have been concerned over Jesus and their own souls, they were rejecting and reacting against Him.

2. Jesus desired men to lay hold of Him in humility and belief, not in some sinful, negative reaction by co-signing a lie.

3. The hands of men can take hold of Jesus in reaction. They can arrest His messenger and message, and they can sense triumph, but only temporarily. God will always raise up His messengers to carry on the glorious news of salvation, even if the messengers have to be new ones. The triumph will always be the Lord's, and in that glorious day of redemption, He will triumph ultimately. It was this that Judas and his cohorts failed to grasp. It was their rejection of God's Son that led them to misuse their hands on Jesus. Co-Signing a Lie!

Dr. Terence L Redd 

I preached this April 1, 2018

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