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Defining Purpose: DISCERN God’s will for our work

A few thoughts from Chuck Proudfit with the Marketplace Minute™ . . .

It’s hard to discern God’s will for our work when we aren’t tuned in to his direction.  When we get discouraged or distracted, we can tune God out.  This is the absolute worst thing to do!


God’s voice is never more important to hear than when we have a pressing need to hear it.  We’re limited in our ability to communicate, but God isn’t. 


As scripture reminds us in John 8:47 . . . “He who belongs to God hears what God says.  The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”


Belonging to God is more than just trusting Jesus Christ as our savior – it’s following Him as our Lord.  Belonging is about accepting the Good Shepherd, embracing, listening and responding to His voice.  My friend, let Him direct your path in the marketplace.



  1. God’s voice takes many forms in our lives, sometimes as subtle as a “nudge” in our spirit.  Have you experienced that before?  Do you respond?


  1. Do you have friends and colleagues in your life who seem “tuned in” to God’s voice in their lives?  What can you learn from them?




Dear Lord, Your voice is the most important voice in our lives.  Please give us the ears to hear Your guidance, and the heart to embrace it.  Thank you for caring about the work of each and every one of us.


At work on Your purposes - Amen

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