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Disciplship has for decades has been very difficult for church bodies to embrace. It is very popular to talk about because it is incorrectly associated to Evengelism and church growth. I am not saying that it won't effect those area of a local church, but that's not the point. In fact true "disciplesip" will scare some away as Jesus said "are you too going to leave" (paraphrase) while his true disciples will respond and say Lord where shall we go for only you have the words of life.

I've never blogged before so I am doing a stream of consiousness and am not looking up scriptures. hopefully his word abides in my heart.

Discipleship can not be programmed or legislated. Discipleship is seeker friendly. We can inspire young believers to be seekers and as they seek we can disciple.

Discipleship is all about the maturing of the body of Christ. Christ is comming back for a bride that is ready for the groom. Unfortuneately discipleship is not for everyone, it is for the ones He has called. Mature believers in Christ need to resist the cultural wave and admit to themself that not everyone who goes to church is saved.

Judge not lest ye be judged and yet God has equiped with His Holy spirit so that we can discern and make sound and wise judgements with in the body. to discern good and evil. For many are called but few are chosen. I will grant you, there is much more to say on this subject and I know that there is, no doubt, a balance of other opinions. this is my first time here so i thought i'd get the ball rolling for some lively discussion.

The best way to get discipleship started in a church is by the church leadership being sold out for Christ and are visibly being discipled through the Word. As the leadership goes so will the flock.

God bless, Toby

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Comment by Toby Lewis on November 6, 2010 at 1:29pm
What you say is very nice and true but i wonder if that's what God really intended. I mean it is about the body of Christ. God equips the body for the building up of the saints, so that the children of god may be thoroughly equiped for every good work. This is why he has given some to be pastors, evangelists, teachers, profets, managers, givers, etc. Denominations and egos are hindering the next revival (generization). I agree with you that it starts with a heart, and the word of God but the the nature of the kingdom it must grow. This is all bigger than us, it truly is a life and death scenario. I wasnt that green haired girl but I'm not unlike her either.
Love, In Christ, Toby
Comment by Elaine Betts on November 6, 2010 at 10:55am
You wrote,"The best way to get discipleship started in a church is by the church leadership being sold out for Christ are are visibly being discipled through the Word. As the leadership goes, so will the flock"....I'll put my "amen" to that :-) ...But I also think that another "best" way is for just one person (maybe the little lady who cleans the church toilets)..or the green haired cheek pierced tattooed teenager who is sold out for God to simply say "here and I. God, use me" get the ball rolling, and as people see what He accomplishes through them in the area of discipleship, they too, including leadership, will jump right on in....One of ther neat things about discipleship is that you don't necessarily need a program or book or education in order to start...just a heart, The Book, and Jesus within you :-)....sharing and mentoring others into being a disciple also.....nice "blog" toby...keep that "stream of conciousness" flowing on here :-)


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