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“Ifpeople want to boast, they should boast about this:

      They should boast that they understand andknow Me.

      They should boast that they know andunderstand

      that I, the LORD, act out of faithfulness, fairness, and justice in theearth

      and that I desire people to do thesethings,"61      

      saysthe LORD- Jer 9:24                                 


            These days, we hear so much about people’s rights.  Each person wants to have his say and insists on his rights.  We hear of Wikileaks and its principal author disclosing to the whole world secrets that are not supposed to be made public.  The liberals contend that they have the right to all information and many so-called rebels and computer hackers are supporting their initiative by further spreading these secrets and even creating shadow websites to mirror Wikileaks.  Mr. Assange contends that he is doing the global community good by disclosing juicy diplomatic communication.  The question is, is it beneficial?  Is the outcome for the greater good?  Or is it a product of an unkind and dangerous person?


            People boasts of their abilities and capacity to perform but it is so easy to forget that all that we have and all that we are is because GOD, in His kindness, created us with innate skills and talents.  It is said that each man is gifted with at least 500 skills and talents but hardly uses half of them.  GOD is so creative, generous and kind that He imbued us with an assortment of raw materials by which to build our personalities; and even then, He guides and teaches us to develop them.


            By these skills and talents, we gain power and influence and acquire wealth and many, with bloated egos, forget GOD.  Solomon wisely observed that a man’s character is tested when he is praised. Truly, what is praised with men is despised in the eyes of GOD.


            A man would ask, “Who am I?”  And he would never find the answer, because he is looking at the wrong place.  It isnot all about you or me.  It is all about YHWH.  This is the very reason why the Scriptures begin with the words, “In the beginning GOD…”(Gen 1:1).  The only way man can truly know himself is by knowing the Person who designed and created him.  The only way to find satisfaction in life isto know the Person who programmed man to be like Him.  Knowing YHWH is a lifetime pursuit founded on intimacy as prescribed on His revealed will in Scriptures.  Any other way will end in deception.  There is a way that seems right to a man but ends in death!


            YHWH revealed himself in Scriptures and He desires thatwe seek Him with all our being so that we may understand who He truly is and also do the very things that He does. The chief end of man is to glorify GOD and enjoy Him forever. 


            In a sense, I am a hedonist for GOD.  I want to know and enjoy Him in every facet of my being.  Some people think that Christianity is boring and that Christians are expected to suffer along in life.  The truth is, Christianity is the most adventurous journey in life filled with surprises from GOD.  Yes, Christians can and will suffer (just like pagans also suffer) while on this earth; and thank GOD, it’s only temporary! But along with the suffering, the Christian learns to persevere and overcome all challenges.   In contrast, pagans will suffer here on earth and will suffer more in hell for all eternity.


            When a man seeks YHWH, he won’t be disappointed.  He will find GOD and find fulfillment because GOD delights in His saints.  The sure sign that a man has found GOD is the manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT in his life; which is, through a transforming life and the power and energy of GOD in Him.


             Can a creature ever find significance apart from his Creator?  Obviously not.  But the Creator delights in His creation that fulfills its purpose!


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