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It’s been four years since I’ve been in Israel. I’ve been amazed at the changes . . . the amount of archaeological work that’s been completed at Megiddo and Caesarea Maritime, and the amount of new building in
cities like Nazareth and Tel Aviv. Israel shows signs of activity and growth
and prosperity.


However, the Sea of Galilee has been a shock to me. The water level is greatly reduced. There’s extended shore in areas that really had no access to the lake before. The days are short here, and we start early and
go late. Even in the dark, the shrinkage is surprising.


The sea is a lake really. It’s only about thirteen miles long and seven miles wide, and you can see across it in all directions. I think that was the first impression I had of the lake and it hasn’t changed. It’s
like a perfectly built stage on a world theater in which God showed the world
His plan. At night, you can see the lights from all the towns and cities around
the lake illuminated (can’t hide the city on the hill). During the day, you can
see the movement of life around the lake.


Before I saw the lake in person, I always wondered how five thousand men plus women and children were even able to know where Jesus was. In person, it all makes sense because of the way you can see from one side to


I wonder about what wasn’t recorded in the scriptures. The private moments with Jesus and His disciples at night, sitting around the campfire. I can hear imagine the laughter of companions, and the serious topics
late at night that were so personal to the disciples that none of them wanted
to share them. I hear their voices here and rejoice in a Savior who can be so
personal, so intimate, so transparent.


This is a special place . . . a holy place . . . a place God chose to present the fulfillment of His plan to us.


Margie Williamson

Community Manager

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