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Would love to see folks introduce themselves.

Me? ok, well - I a missionary in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador, the creator and administrator of Making Disciples on facebook. You can also connect with me on twitter.

My wife and I have been here for 5 years and our chief goal is to Make Disciples. I will be posting a blog soon on how we saw over 4 generations of Disciples made and over 90% remain active in the community of faith and are making disciples themselves.

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Comment by Margie Williamson on November 9, 2010 at 10:07am
Miguel, since we've been talking back and forth about some possibilities, I thought I'd introduce myself too. Since I'm always behind, I've copied something I wrote for a Bible study I did. I liked it so I didn't want to try to do it again:

Margie has served as a writer and editor, seminary professor, associational work, and minister’s wife. She began writing in 1982 and has written Bible studies and devotions, Christian magazine articles, a training book for teachers of teenagers, academic articles, textbook chapters, and a dissertation. She completed two degrees at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary––a masters and a Ph.D. in Christian Education. She worked for Clarity Publishing from 2007-2010 as the executive editor of LifeBibleStudy. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and editor. Her favorite thing to do each week is to teach a senior adult Bible study.

Margie has been able to travel extensively through Israel, Greece, Rome, and parts of Turkey, visiting the places in which God revealed His plan. She continues to be awed by God’s providence in her life.


Comment by Jeremy Hatch on November 5, 2010 at 3:45pm
I noticed my last sentence in my recent post, states not aspiring to grow in numbers, but, am exploring starting a church. Sounds fickle, doesn't it?
This was not meant to show fickleness, but, ascertaining where the Lord is growing us too. My apologies for possibly causing confusion.
Comment by Laurie Brantley on November 5, 2010 at 3:40pm
Hi, Miguel. I found your Making Disciples page on FB and clicked the "Like" button. Looking forward to your posts here and there.
Comment by Jeremy Hatch on November 5, 2010 at 3:39pm
Miguel, what a great way to introduce yourself into this network/forum. It's a pleasure to meet you. I concur with you and thought I'd follow you and mention more about myself.

I am a transportation highway engineer, over 25yrs. (that is the long description of Truck Driver) I married a Christian gal, as a non-believer, and like many men, when my first child (of 2) arrived (after 9yrs of marriage) my whole life changed and I KNEW I needed to make a change in my life. Becoming a Christian was the LAST thing I expected, but, here I am. As I mentioned in another post, I came to become a Believer through strictly reading the Word. From self study and hooking up with men in areas of my life I needed help with, I noticed how discipling is more than a personal affair, it has to be done with another, someone who will lead. Something I've always enjoyed hearing, "The Lord wants people with one ability; avail-ability".

I have availed myself to Him and in 1995 HE revealed to me the ministry I have been in since that day, namely, Men's Ministries. A few years prior to this, I had been blessed to be a part of a extremely powerful Spirit led men's ministry in the first chruch I wa a part of. Our group of men began with about 9-15 regulars meeting before church service for prayer and devotion time. In two years, through what was a decent discipling program we grew to about 150 regular attendee's and this in a church of about 500 at the time. We began our mentoring program before Promise Keepers started and after we began to incorporate some of their ideals into our ministry and our Men's Ministry stayed explosive for a few years more. By this time our church grew to well over 1,000 people, new buildings, etc.

For reasons that are not needed to be addressed this ministry began to lose the Spirit and subsequently it's vital role in that church. And of course from that the demise of the power of the Spirit that was once in that church. I have no doubt, some reading this will disagree with these words and I do not apologize for saying them.
Since moving on from this church, my Johnathan-buddy George and I stayed in touch and began to explore times we could get together (we both go to different churches) for Bible Studies and continue our mentoring each other and hold ourselves accountable. We continue today and have been blessed with starting a Discipleship Group that has been meeting regularly for over two years now at our local Denny's. We pray for growth and boy those of us in this group are growing by leaps and bounds in His Word and relationships. We all have concluded that continued growth of self, is more important than numbers in the group. Being part of a growth process for sake of a process to grow numbers in a church/group is not what we aspire too. We are now exploring the idea of starting our own church and would appreciate prayer support from all reading these words.

I am a part of the Teleios Group in this network.


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