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“You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning;

My GOD turns my darkness into light.”

                                                                                                                               -Psalm 18:28


Timeless eternity is GOD’s dimension where His spiritual laws keep perfect order.  When GOD filled the heavens and the earth and spoke into being all material entities, He separated each through ordered orbits and none may transgress the other’s mandate (we call it gravity) without His command..  And the heavenly bodies governed the seasons that ordered darkness and light.  Thus time began.  And physical light and darkness dawned on all creation distinguishing itself from spiritual light and darkness. 


Light and darkness are totally opposite.  ADONAI ELOHIM wraps himself with light and dwells in unapproachable light.  Many ask, “Who can show us any good?”  ADONAI, lift the light of your face over us! (Ps 4:6)  GOD’s light is unapproachable because it is pure and it is a product of His goodness.  Indeed, YESHUA once said that only GOD is good.  Light is a picture of ADONAI’s goodness and generosity because without light there can be no life.  But when Light shines, there is life-giving energy, there is growth; and darkness runs away.


In contrast, darkness is the preferred home of evil.  It is where wickedness hides and lurks, ready to ambush its intended victim.  People who love darkness do evil things in darkness so that their actions won’t be exposed.  But everyone who does what is true comes to the light, so that all may see that their actions are accomplished through GOD (Jn 3:19-21).


Therefore, the earth is inhabited by two kinds of people:  the children of the Light, and the children of darkness.  The former are born of the Light, purified and made good by the washing of the blood of the SON of the Light.  Only in the light of ADONAI do they see light, and they become bearers of His eternal light (Ps 36:9)as they walk in the light of His presence (Ps 89:15).  They are armed with the sword of the Light (Ps 119:130)and weld it with the lightning power of the SPIRIT.


The children of darkness are the unborn.  The dead cannot hear, perceive or feel the things of the spirit.  They have rejected the Light and prefer to dwell in darkness, blinded by the wiles of wickedness.  They hate the light and will do their utmost to expand their domain of darkness so they can forever hide their abominable acts.  They pretend that darkness is as “good” as light by dwelling in a world of deception, imitating the form of light but is devoid of its power.


Soon, there will be a day of reckoning, when YESHUA the Messiah will come to overthrow the sham, they call “kingdom of darkness.”  He will slay His enemies with the sword of His mouth and He and the overcomers of the Light will judge the children of darkness and make them drink from the cup of ADONAI’s wrath.


On that day, the children of the Light will rejoice and praise the King of Kings and worship the SON of the Light who lives forever and ever.  They will rejoice because, finally, the physical realm will be swallowed up and a new earth will be revealed, and the new Jerusalem will come down and ADONAI ELOHIM will dwell with the children of the Light forever.  There will be no more need of any sun or moon, for ADONAI will be their light.  There will be no more need, for ADONAI ELOHIM is all they need.  In Him, by Him, through Him and for Him; all things find their ‘shalom’ in ADONAI!


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