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That night God appeared to Solomon in a dream and said,

“What do you want? Ask and I will give it to you!”

2 Chronicles 1:7 NLT


I am the Omnipresent God. I do not give you an Aladdin’s lamp you can rub to make a genie appear who will grant three selfish wishes. I do something better—I give you My Word lamp to guide on right paths. Far superior to a fairy-tale spirit who does your bidding, I am your Travel Companion on life’s highway who answers your prayers in line with My perfect will.


Wish for serenity in a chaotic world—I will grant it. Yearn for peace in pandemonium—I will bless you with it. Desperately need Me—I will be with you every hour, day and night, around the clock.


I am the Omnipotent God. I am infinite; you are finite. I am immortal; you are mortal. I am almighty; you are frail.


Wish for strength to meet life’s challenges—I will grant it. Plead for power to deal with problems—I will give what you need. Seek wisdom to know how to live—I will bless your mind. Pray for backbone to follow through when I show you the right way—I will fortify your will. Set your heart on soaring above mediocrity, running faster than sin, and walking farther than faintheartedness—I will make it happen.


I am the Omniscient God. Reverence for Me is the first thing you need to learn. Respecting Me is the fundamental principle of faith. Fear of Jehovah is a kindergarten lesson—you will never know anything until you know Me. I am Alpha—the beginning of grace. I am Omega—the end of truth. I am Heaven’s Holy Alphabet of reality from A to Z. Wisdom’s treasures are hidden in Christ—the better acquainted you are with Him, the wiser you will be.


Wish for sagacity to make wise choices morally, physically, relationally, and spiritually—I will grant it. Yearn for perspective on puzzling situations—I will provide behind-the-scenes insight into providence. My power working within you can do infinitely more than you can wish.


Dare to ask for more than skeptics think possible, to hope for more than worldlings think credible, to dream for more than cynics think logical, and to wish for more than atheists and agnostics think attainable. Remember who I am—no fanciful genie, the Faithful God!


Wish on the Bright Morning Star who inspires your long nights, illuminates your confusing mazes, and energizes your weak knees—and everything your heart desires will come to you.



© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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