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It seems that in just about every religion created by people, either in fiction or the real world, any masculine deity has a feminine counterpart.  For every god there must be a goddess to act as counterpoint and consort.  Yet, the one religion that comes from God to man portrays God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one, using masculine pronouns and masculine relational identities.  There is one God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  There is no need for a goddess, because God is a complete totality of all identity and personality traits.  He does not need a counterpoint separate from Himself, a yin to His yang.  He is a symphony complete in Himself, containing all the melody, harmony, and rhythm necessary to resonate the music of the spheres.


That does not mean He does not desire a consort on whom to lavish His love.  However, the bride He seeks is not His equal in power, wisdom, or longevity.  Instead, this infinite Being seeks to craft His bride from the frail, foolish, finite creatures He has created.  No wonder human beings cannot conceive of this sort of cosmic union.  Sure the gods of the Greeks and Romans were known to dally with humans, but not to raise them up as a Bride, fit to consort with, and even reign with, for eternity.  That is unfathomable to the human imagination!  How could this fairy tale of epic proportions have ever originated in the minds of men?  Would they ever dare to reach so high as to think God would desire them for His Bride? 


Yet, He clearly is reaching down to us "frail children of dust" to raise us up, mold us, and breathe life into us so that we can stand beside Him in the New Jerusalem as His "pure, spotless bride."  Mind-boggling.  Only God could have conceived and orchestrated this plan.  I am so glad to be part of His beloved Bride to be.  I just can't wait for the wedding!! 

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