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Prepare your work outside

And make it ready for yourself in the field;

Afterwards, then, build your house.”

  • Proverbs 24:27


Recently, after meditating on the words of the Preacher, I was struck by the wisdom of his simple words. The SPIRIT of GOD impressed on me to read and ponder about it again and again. The words carried a very practical approach to a life that would be fruitful in GOD's way. Here is how the SPIRIT impressed the meaning of this proverb:


  1.  Prepare...everything in life needs preparation. Whether it is a simple task or a complex project, we need to prepare every step towards completion. I need to ask myself, am I prepared to do the project from start to finish? Do I have what it takes now or do I have to equip myself with the knowledge and skill to accomplish the job excellently? Do I have the necessary resources to complete the project?GOD prepared Joseph for 30 years to become governor of Egypt. It took 40 humbling years for Moses to be ready. Even YESHUA prepared Himself for the ultimate mission for 30 years.


  1. I working the work that GOD has assigned me to? If so, then I am a perfect fit for what I am doing because GOD has equipped me and is equipping me along the way. GOD has a specific work for each one of us and He has tailored it beforehand for us as part of our destiny. No one can do it better than I because I have been commanded to “make it ready”!

  2. Outside...the field is our workplace. Do not restrict yourself merely on your immediate surrounding but explore and expand your territory as the LORD leads you. The limit only exists on your mind. It used to be that business is only conducted among people buying and selling personally but since the world wide web opened all borders, we buy and sell any and all kinds of goods in cyberspace. But it all starts in the field of my heart. Unless I am totally sold out and persuaded about my work, about my goals, with integrity, I could not succeed. Unless it was the LORD who placed my work in my heart, whatever I do would not prosper.


  1. Now...I have to prepare and do my work now! I may plan my work for tomorrow but I have to translate that tomorrow in my mind and do it now so I can bring it forward and progress. I have to bear fruit now so I have something to provide my family because it is useless to build a house if I have nothing to feed my family at the present. There is a progression in every project and I must follow the proper timeline to accomplish bite-size goals to achieve my ultimate goal. Bearing fruit in the business or work that GOD has given me is the foundation of my prosperity. Work is good and work done excellently is an honor to our great GOD.


  1. If I lay the proper foundation of diligent preparation and excellent work, then I am assured that GOD will give me success and I can surely build my house, both on the inside and on the outside. Persistence and diligence are two indispensable ingredients to success.


LORD, help me to make You proud of me in my work!



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