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“He who digs a pit may fall into it;

He who breaks through a wall may be bitten by a snake.

He who quarries stones may get hurt by them,

He who chops wood puts himself in danger.

If the hatchet’s blade is blunt, and its user doesn’t sharpen it,

He will have to exert more effort; but the expert has the advantage of his skill.

If a snake bites before it is charmed,

The snake-charmer has no advantage.

-Ecclesiastes 10:8-11

Risk is a part of life.  Every time you open your mouth, you are at risk.  The moment you step out the door, you are at risk.  Whether you decide to go to the right or to the left, you are at risk.  When a man courts a woman, he lays his life on the line!  When you lend money, even to a friend, you are at risk.  When you ask for an opinion or advice, you are at risk.  Every moment of our lives, we make decisions and each decision entails risks.  Risk has many factors:

§  Value of investment – the question is, how much is the amount involved?  How much financial exposure does it entail?

§  Rate of return – how much do I get in return?  What is the expected revenue?  How long will I recover my investment?

§  Personal involvement – do I hire somebody to do it or do I have to do it myself?  Do I have the skills to succeed? What is my likely exposure to embarrassment?

§  Business environment or situation – What is the market appetite for the business like?  Where would you locate the business?  Who are your prospects?  How big is the customer traffic?

§  Timing – Is the market ready for your product?  Will the economic situation allow you to succeed?

There are many more valid questions you have to ask yourself when you are seriously about to make a major decision especially on investments, but the above questions are enough for our purpose.

Whatever you are about to do, whether it’s chopping wood or quarrying stone or the serious business of investing, will entail risk.  Many have earned a lot of money by becoming consultants to investors and they pose as experts on financial instruments so that investors will attain a level of comfort that what they are about to invest in is the ‘right’ investment.  The truth is, markets are volatile, especially at this time, and it is hard to predict with certainty, how an investment will fare, especially in the stock market.  There is no substitute for becoming your own expert because you have the advantage of skill.  Besides, if the consultant is so sure of his product, you might ask him how much he has invested on it himself!  Solomon says that your axe must be sharp to cut wood; or else you will have to exert more effort.  For sure, the expert has the advantage of skill.  As a Christian, you have the mind of CHRIST.  It is the LORD who gives us the ability and power to acquire wealth.  We can learn whatever we put our mind to if we do it by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Besides, He promised to guide us and even disclose to us what is to come.  The question is, would you trust Him?  Only GOD holds the future in His capable hands and in trusting Him, we are blessed with blessings of Abraham!  The SPIRIT knows the perfect timing of everything under the sun because He hovers over us to prosper our way.

Risk becomes an adventure when you put every decision in the hand of GOD who loves you with an unfailing love!  When the disciples asked YESHUA, “When will the Kingdom of GOD come?“  He replied, “Only the FATHER knows.”


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