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A couple weeks ago when the weather was warm and beautiful, I took a long walk through the woods, made longer by getting myself thoroughly lost.  While I wandered, God reminded me of a call He has been continually placing on my heart.  

"Take my yoke, for it is easy and my burden is light."  I never want to believe that, being a nose to the grindstone kind of girl with worrywart tendencies.  Yet, He keeps calling me to joy.  What He asks of me is prayer, praise, writing, and pursuing the things that bring me joy; such as creative endeavors, time in nature, and sharing conversation and experiences with those I love. 

So, I have been attempting to focus on these things.  Then, just as I am doing well and starting to experience joy... a filling comes loose in my tooth and it feels like the bottom is falling out of my barely ordered world...our finances get a little out of whack and I harbor thoughts of blame toward my husband, who is more of a spender than I am.  Goodbye joy.  Farewell focus and spontaneous flow of ideas.

I have picked my spot to stand and carved out a space in which to truly live.  Should I be surprised when I get hit with all sorts of things that have always been guaranteed to topple me?  Do I still need to get my tooth filled? Yes.  Do I still need to be as faithful as I can with my finances? Yes.  Do I let this sort of thing control my joy and keep me from pursuing what God Himself has told me repeatedly to pursue?  May it never be!

After all, if I am being pushed from all sides, harried and harassed, doesn't that mean I am doing something right?!  Why is the enemy so afraid of what I might write or pray for or knock loose in the Heavenlies by my praise?  I must have more power and potential than I ever imagined.  "His yoke is light," not just light on my shoulders and heart, but brilliance, like those who live in darkness long to see.


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