Being & Building Followers & Friends of Jesus

The Captain

The captain takes charge, has solutions and creates order where there is chaos. He always has a plan and leans heavily on discipline to keep ships running on course. He safely helps others navigate the storms of life by giving them tried and true policies and rules. Expect a lot of cleaning disciplines like soaking prayer.

Best of all, he is always willing to go down with the ship if you sink yours.

The Wrangler

The wrangler knows that others are going to buck and fight. That’s alright because he can too. Tougher than an axe handle, he knows you can take all the tough love he can dish out. You will be lassoed and tied down in your evasions and branded with a new heart. He may yell a lot, but that is just to get you going in the right direction.

Best of all, he will sing campfire songs to you late at night.

The Commander

The commander is much like the captain. He relies on discipline, but he pushes other’s preparedness for war. Make no mistake, it’s war out there! He will equip you for the spiritual fight and help you practice your offensive and defensive moves. Drills are the name of the game for the commander as well as constant scenarios that point out threats to your faith.

Best of all, he really wants you to survive.

The Coach

The coach is a little less disciplined than the captain or the commander. He is after the win. Every situation has a winner and loser, right? The coach will always be willing to give you the plays to score in life. He will condition you through training, and he will practice Bible drills until someone throws up. No other person wants to see you win as much as he does, since it is a reflection of himself.

Good news is that when you do win, he will be your biggest cheerleader (until the next practice).

The Counselor

The counselor cares most about how you feel about your life and your progress. He will ask lots of questions and give others freedom to vent and cry. Progress is not required unless you are ready to act on what you feel. The counselor is patient and always willing to wait for the person’s light to come on.

Best of all, your heart will be safe at every meeting.

The Pimp

The pimp isn’t actually someone who does discipleship, but you wouldn’t know that from watching. He always has a new idea or book and is willing to get others to do a couple of tricks for him. It will feel like progress with the pimp, but it is actually just a way of keeping people busy while he gets off on watching you follow him.

Worst of all, you might never know if you are one or have been led by one.

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