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I just returned from our annual family reunion camping trip in the north Georgia mountains. We always go to a campground our family found over 45 years ago. There's a sense of history and constancy each time we go back there. This year we had 32 family members with a couple of friends there. We spent time playing cards and Scrabble, eating, catching up, and sitting around a large campfire until we could no longer keep our eyes opened. It was a wonderful four days.


I couldn't help but think about the legacy of family, especially of our faith as a family, as we were all together. In this one small branch of our family tree, we have one full-time minister, one part-time minister, two seminary students, two who are working with international students and feel called to the foreign mission field, a retired pastor, a former seminary professor, at least two deacons, a church administrator, and two firemen. That really just scratches the surface, but it gives you an idea of this legacy of faith that strings us all together, that binds us together, and is strengthened by our shared faith.


There's a sense when we're together that we are brought together by something greater than ourselves––our faith in Christ.


I don't know everything about my ancestors, but I do know about those who are alive today. We have been chiseled into sones which fit perfectly together to represent Christ.


That doesn't mean by the way that we're not competitive, sometimes manipulative, even cranky. It does mean that we  are brought together through our faith in Jesus Christ and are stronger because of that. Isn't that a great picture of the church––God's family of faith?

How do you see that legacy in your family? 


Margie Williamson

Community Manager


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