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“One who doesn’t think believes every word, but the cautious understands his steps.”

-Proverbs 14:15

When you hear the news on TV, what goes on in your mind? When you read the newspaper, especially the editorial, do you ever question their line of thinking? When you read the newspaper account of
supposed events or published economic data, did you ever stopped to ask if
these information are accurate? You might
be surprised at how much are actual facts and how much is fiction.

Did you ever notice the disparity between the claims of economic growth and actual expansion of the economy or the rate of inflation versus actual price increases of different products on the grocery
shelves? With the prevailing attitude on
political correctness at the cost of truth, can you trust the establishment to
tell you the real truth and nothing but the truth?

I am not encouraging distrust, but in the face of so much subtle and crafty manipulation through media, can you expect the bland, unadulterated truth to be revealed?

To determine the truth, one must know the truth. And the only way, is to know the Truth of GOD in Scriptures. There is no other credible basis, because knowledge change with time but the Scriptures has
remained the same throughout the ages, just like its Author. Its message is consistent from beginning to
end, and it speaks with the wisdom of eternity.
Worldly knowledge changes as man progresses in technology; however, his
demeanor and morals retrogresses towards the pit. History is man’s main hostile witness. Civilizations have come and gone because of
man’s depravity.

The next time you hear a news report, take it with a grain of salt. Most of it is probably exaggerated bad news! Instead, look around you at
GOD’s creation. The heavens declare the
glory of GOD. The trees in the fields
reach out to GOD. The birds sing their
beautiful melodies of praise. See the
beauty of each animal and witness how great our GOD is!

To think is to use GOD’s gift of imagination. To surrender one’s thought process to GOD, is to sanctify your imagination resulting in creativity and clarity. To inquire of GOD is the most important part of thinking because you invite the HOLY SPIRIT to instruct you in the way of
fruitfulness in the Kingdom.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge…the knowledge of the holy.


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