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"In a dream, in a vision of the night,

when deep sleep falls upon men,

in slumberings upon the bed..."

-Job 33:15


How do you dream? Does it just happen in the watches of the night? Or does it happen because you want to dream? All throughout the ages, kings, priest and people from all walks of life have dreamt dreams that have marked the turning point of their lives. The Scriptures narrate many adventures that started with a dream. And such was the dream of young Joseph, who dreamed that the sun, moon and stars bowed down to him. He also dreamed that at harvest, his bundle of wheat stood up and the bundles of wheat belonging to his brothers gathered around his and prostrated themselves before it (Gen 37:5-10).


Dreams are oftentimes symbolic and not easily understood. Many times, dreams are just forgotten, but there are dreams that YHWH wants you to remember. These are the dreams that will impact your life to eternity. Not all dreams are from YHWH. Many are products of our stressed souls and unsanctified imaginations. But there are dreams that are messages from the Almighty. Dreams from YHWH are primarily meant for you and you should be careful to share it only with spiritual people whom YHWH has anointed. Better still, you should pray that YHWH gives you the interpretation to that dream. Meditate upon it and search the Scriptures for revelation. There will be times when dreams will come in progressive stages and it all depends on how your spirit is maturing.


I have a suggestion. This has been true in my experience and I hope it becomes true to you. The Scriptures tell us that even at night, the LORD intructs the righteous. Your spirit does not sleep and it is therefore ready to commune with the HOLY SPIRIT if you so desire. Here is my suggestion. Before you sleep, meditate on a passage of Scripture. To meditate is to ponder in your mind and in your spirit whatever is the message of the passage. Ask yourself, what does this mean? Then ask the LORD, what do You mean by Your words, Father? Invite Him to speak to you as you sleep. Not only will you dream, but the Word will cleanse your mind and transform it in holiness.


There is one thing that many believers need to understand. Before it happens in the physical, it has already happened in the spirit realm. It is therefore necessary for us to draw from GOD's mind what He has in store for us. Your dream is the key by which YHWH can reveal to you the blessings that He has prepared for your life. When you receive it, you must speak it to yourself so faith will grow and then you must walk in it daily. You must expect YHWH to accomplish all His plans for your life for that is what the Scriptures say; but you must be willing to wait for YHWH's perfect timing.


Your dreams may be addressed to you but YHWH meant it as a solution not only to your problem but also of the problems of others. Such was the case with Joseph. It took thirteen years, before his dreams were fulfilled before his very eyes and the process by which it came was painful. Why? Because you and I are being prepared for the greatest purpose of all – the salvation of mankind.


I have seen many Christians seeking prophets to give them a personal word from YHWH. While YHWH will always be happy to speak to His children, He is not happy with the way they are going about it. A prophet is not a medium; but many Christians act like they are mediums that can just conjure GOD at any time. Let's not trivialize the word of GOD. YHWH desires to speak to His children directly. Doesn't it bother you if your own father won't speak to you or if you won't speak to your own father? But that's exactly what many Christians are doing!


So do you want to dream the dreams of YHWH? Then invite Him and get the best appointment of your life! From personal experience, it's an adventure you don't want to miss!


Have you seen that Dreamworks trailer where you see a boy sitting on a quarter moon as he casts out his line to fish? Well, soulish dreaming is like that because you don't know what you're going to get. But if you meditate on a passage of Scripture, you will definitely receive a great catch. A dream is a gift from YHWH; a glimpse of eternity, a foretaste of the abundant life. YHWH has a book of eternity that is sealed to all, but not to His children who desires to walk in His ways. Through the LORD YESHUA, it is unsealed. So, let the LORD YESHUA guide you into His dream for you.


Sometime ago, the FATHER challenged me, "Give me your dream so that I can fulfill My dream for your life." I gave Him my dream and I have never been sorry.




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