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ADONAI, GOD, gave Adam this order: “You may freely eat

from every tree in the garden except the tree of the

knowledge of good and evil.  You are not to eat from it,

because on the day that you eat from it,

it will become certain that you will die.”

-         Gen 2:16,17

               Today, people examine facts and their beliefs are founded on it.  Their perception is purely based on their sense of sight, smell, hear, touch and taste.  In short, man has to translate everything he encounters in concrete terms.  The problem is, western education has taught us to think in abstract ways,  Western education was heavily influenced by the Greek model of thinking.  It was the ambition of Alexander the Great to change the language of every people he conquered because if he succeeded, it wouldchange the cultural climate.  After all, the words of every language express the thoughts of every man.  The new concepts and ideas of the Greek language would force a shift in the mindset of the man and thus influence his behavior.  As a man thinks, so he is!

              Introducing a new language or rather the idea that embodies words and a language was not Alexander’s unique idea.  It was actually concocted by the old Serpent in Eden when he told Eve, “Did GOD really say…?”  To prove his point, he appealed to Eve’s five physical senses to discredit the truthfulness of GOD’s word.  He pointed out the facts:  the fruit was beautiful to behold, smells good and would probably taste delicious.  It was nutritious and would make her wise, even spiritually wise, discerning good from evil.  So she took some and ate, and also gave some to Adam (Gen 3:1-6).  However, we all know that we don’t always ‘get’ what we ‘see’.  Physical beauty is just skin deep.  The Serpent’s words can mean many things but GOD’s word can only mean one thing.  Welcome to the murky world of crafty deception!  Facts can be totally different from Truth.

              When ADONAI ELOHIM created, He spoke the word.  When Satan temps, he twists GOD’s word by using it in a different light.  The word of ADONAI is Truth.  The devil uses facts or even invents facts to affect the mindset of man.  An example would be the Theory of Evolution.  The Theory of Evolution espouses that all living things evolved from simple one-cell blob.  Modern science tells us through extensive empirical research that even a one-cell animal is quite complex in structure with each part functioning with precision in a highly developed system.  In fact, studies in microbiology have concluded that every living thing that has been discovered, even in fossil form, was already quite complex contrary to Darwin’s claim.  The missing link is still missing and the theory of evolution has never been empirically tested and proven.  But it is taught in schools, even by well-known professors as fact; even though science has debunked the theory so many times.  The enemy would like us to believe that we came from the apes and the chimpanzee is our cousin.  The Truth is, man was created in the image of GOD.

              The Truth is, all believers are adopted sons of ADONAI through their union with YESHUA the Messiah (Gal 4:5-6; Eph 1:5).  ADONAI created each living thing according to its kind (Gen 1:24-25).  All believers are ADONAI’s kind through the blood of YESHUA which was shed on the cross (Jn 1:12; Eph 2:19).  All believers are partakers of the divine nature through YESHUA (2Pet 1:4).  All believers have the mind of YESHUA the Messiah (1Cor 2:16b).  The mind of CHRIST only operates in ADONAI’s presence.  All believers are blessed with all the blessings in the heavenly places (Eph 1:3) and with all the blessings of Abraham (Gal 3:14).

              The Truth is, all believers are complete in YESHUA the Messiah (Col 2:10)and He holds us together and upholds us by the word of His power (Col 1:17; Heb 1:3).  Nothing can separate us from the love of ADONAI!(Rom 8:38-39)

              The Truth is, history is already written (Is 44:6-8) and in the Name of YESHUA, all believers have already won!(Rev 17:14)


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