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I think everyone feels the need to get off of the proverbial treadmill now and then. I am a true proponent, as I've had many experiences where fifty miles changed both my attitude and my energy level. Just the same, I'm thankful refreshment comes in many forms. I can't always find the time, money or opening in my schedule to satisfy my wander lust. This doesn't mean the pull to get away from everyone and everything lessens to any degree. I still crave a getaway.

That's why I've developed my own form of spiritual staycation. I take as little as a few hours and as much as two days to hide from the world. Staycations have to be planned ahead of time, just as any good trip, containing a few satisfying components such as variety, beauty and refreshment. Mine tend to include a book on a topic that intrigues me, a comfy eye-pleasing place to cop a squat (my sunroom is best), and my favorite beverages. I start with tea in the morning and drift to other special treats as the day goes along. Sometimes, I include an outing to the neighborhood park, museum or even range further into explorations of labyrinths. 

Like any getaway, it's important to begin by divesting oneself of distraction. Being alone is something that seems to have graduated levels of accomplishment nowadays. I first have to come to terms with turning my phone completely off. Next, the inevitable run through of all of the mental to do lists hanging out between my ears. Finally, I settle into hearing the Holy Spirit. It is then the best part of my journey begins. I start to understand the term, "be still".

It's amazing how rejuvenating regular staycations can be when I plan and execute them with regularity. The treadmill drifts away to be replaced by a form of solace, yet in the company of the One that matters. The "grand" schemes of my life start to fit back together like a well played game of Tetris. I emerge to a world that is better than the one I left.

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