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God bless America.  That is the poorest excuse for a prayer I’ve ever heard.

Americans bark out that demand hundreds of times every minute of every day.  That phrase has no humility.  That phrase has no confession of need.  That phrase offers no supplication.

Issuing this command to God is blasphemous. 

A proper prayer for God’s blessing would be, at a minimum, “God, please bless America.”

A more appropriate prayer would be, “God, we have pushed you to the sidelines.  You Remain there Waiting for us to ask for Your Help.  Please, God, Restore America’s heart for You.  Make our nation receptive once more to Your Divine Counsel.  Make us again a house that accepts Your Blessing.”

America began as a God fearing nation.  Now, as a nation, I fear much of America has no place for God—but still we demand His Blessing.  U.S. Presidents call for this blessing of America as if the powers of Commander in Chief extend to the heavens.

By its faith, America used to receive Divine answers to its problems.  Now Americans believe that they alone can divine all the necessary solutions.  How is that working out for us?

Repeating all the stories of chaos and discord is unnecessary.  No American can escape what is happening.

I believe in God: man not so much.  America, once of God, is now of man.

Thus, by faith, I can no longer pledge allegiance to America.  So I will offer a “Prayer for Allegiance.”

I pray Allegiance with the Lord,

whose Kingdom is in Heaven,

And with the Savior, His Only Son,

One God, in Three Persons, indivisible,

with Salvation for all who believe.

 May God forgive the United States of America.


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