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“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”— Proverbs 18:2.


Too bad the USA has this separation of church and state when it comes to political discussions.  This separation, as pertains to Proverbs 18:2, has turned us into fools.


Since we now only express our opinions and eschew understanding of others, we have fertilized the extreme right and the extreme left.  The goal of the extreme right has always been to eviscerate the left.   The goal of the extreme left has always been to eviscerate the right.  As this manured “sword play” continues, each side has only one way to grow:  toward the middle.


This encroachment on the middle continues to convert people to “Proverbs 18:2 fools.”  So, can America heal?  Yes.  There is a saying that states, “If you’re in a deep hole and want to get out, you first have to stop digging.  So, if America is ever to heal, “Proverbs 18:2 fools” on both sides must stop cutting each other.  Those of the un-encroached middle will have to stop shoveling [CENSORED] on the far right and the far left.  Unenriched far right and far left plantings will shrink if not nourished.  The middle could again become a bountiful American plain.


Do I trust that mankind can do this?  No.  I no longer trust mankind, present company included.  The only one I trust for this task is God.  I know He will help.  The question is, as an entire nation, are we willing to ask Him to do so. 


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