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A lot of things have great power and potential, for either good or bad results.  We've discussed before that people are that way.  But today we are looking at the power of the spoken word.  I'm sure most of us know what it means to wish we could "eat our words," or at least take them back.  Once out however, their effect is neither revocable nor negotiable.  Hurtful words can last so very much longer than we would like them to.  Sticks and stones not only break bones and make even the marrow hurt, but so do our words at times.  But do you realize that a simple word of comfort, caring, empathy, understanding, or even sympathetic silence can be just as powerful as hurtful words.  Such words can build trust, relieve suffering and loneliness, and build new levels of intimacy and openness not otherwise possible. Our words can soothe, validate, make and deepen friendships, and break down walls of isolation, situational depression, and self-pity.  But that kind of helpful speaking takes practice and tongue control.  Who do you know that would not wish to improve their ability to control their tongue better, e.g. to hurt others less, and to edify them more?

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The Bible says the tongue is every bit as powerful as a rudder on a large ship that turns it powerfully to the left or the right.  Ironically no person can truly control their tongue all the time, nevertheless we are known by what comes out of our mouth.  If this sounds harsh to you, let me ask if you always think over alternatives before you put your tongue in gear?  Or when opposed, attacked, angered, or threatened, do you take a "Thomas Jefferson count" before responding so you have your tongue under control first?  Most of us are honest enough to realize the truth of the other Bible claim that one little spark from our tongue can easily create a devastating forest fire that burns a long time.


But what a contrast when God speaks.  His Word is truth that transforms our lives when we are receptive.  When God speaks (and especially when we listen) things change (for the better).  He spoke every original thing in our universe into existence.  And we know that it's original state was much better than it is today, since man has chosen to succumb to inner and outer polution. 


Who do you enjoy listening to and why?  I am sure it is someone that speaks straight with you, but that also builds you up to reach your full potential.  God's Word is alive, powerful, and very active as it:

  • Generates life
  • Creates faith
  • Produces change
  • Causes miracles
  • Heals hurts
  • Builds character
  • Transforms circumstances
  • Imparts joy
  • Overcomes adversity
  • Defeats temptation
  • Infuses hope
  • Releases power
  • Cleanses our minds
  • Brings things into being, and
  • Guarantees our future forever!

Are you in need of a cure for spiritual anorexia?  Then you need healthy meals of abiding in God's Word.  How is that done?

  1. Accept its authority and use it as the compass for your life, realizing that our false, arbitrary, and unreliable authorities of culture, tradition, reason, and emotion are flawed by man turning his back on God in subtle disbelief and mistrust.
  2. Incorporate its truth into our working memory where we can reflect on it (like a cow chewing her cud) through study, meditating, and understanding how it applies to the daily circumstances of our life.
  3. Apply its principles by depending on God's promises rather than our own feelings and "wisdom."

Let's join David in his Psalm 19 prayer, "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer!"

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