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Interesting that there have been NO postings in this category. Maybe we have hit on something. IF we are not experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit then perhaps our poverty highlights a major area for discipleship development. 

If there is anything that comes through loud and clear in the Gospels and other books of the New Testament, it is that the Holy Spirit was living and active in the lives of the believers, apostles, teachers, evangelists that took the good news to the ends of the world. Many times, Paul appealed to how they had received the Holy Spirit when exhorting his hearers to live lives worthy of their calling as Christians.

The New Testament speaks of gifts of grace (free gifts/charis), gifts of the Spirit, and fruit of the Spirit, and gifts Christ gave to His body the Church - apostles, prophets, pastors/teachers, etc - .for the common good, for edification, for building up the body of Christ. 

How do we recover, reclaim, reconcile, and release the Holy Spirit as instruments in His hands?

What ARE you experiencing in/of/from the Holy Spirit?

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I think there at least two problems we as a church need to deal with in discipling people to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit: 1) We don't teach how amazing the triune God is.  As Ronald just referred to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in his reply, for some reason we don't know how intimately they are connected and how we may be intimately connected to them.  We emphasize one of the persons of God above the other, when that should not be.   John 14:115-29, 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14 and 1 Peter 1:2 are just some of the myriad of Scriptures of how the triune God relates to us.

2) We have defined repentance as saying a sinner's prayer to get forgiveness of sins.  We have emphasized salvation as "fire insurance" to keep people from hell.  However, Jesus came to bring people into his kingdom and to experience "life to the full."  "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me."  He calls us to obedience and to a new life in him through his resurrection.

We experience God more fully, including his Spirit's power, when we seek to do God the Father's purpose through the work of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit reveals and empowers us.  If we do not seek to obey God, whether he is calling us to wash dishes, clean toilets, submit to our boss at work, drive safely... and even ministering in and through your church, then we cannot experience God and the power of his Holy Spirit.  Experiencing the Holy Spirit's power is very much practical in the ordinary actions of life, but it is based on knowing and doing the will of God.  That is when we will most experience the Holy Spirit's power.


Peace be with you!


Many times I'm afraid to share with people in leadership positions about being led by the Spirit because they look at you like a fruit bat! Although I'm more apt to share now that I am older and don't care what people think. Anyhow, the more missional books I read, the more I read about people being empowered by the Spirit of God to do things ordinarily they wouldn't do, like walk across a room and begin a conversation with a stranger! Connecting with the Spirit throughout the day is so important to the life of a believer who wants to make an impact in the Kingdom of  God. It's starts early in the morning when you wake and doesn't end until you lay your head down on the pillow.  Bill Hybel writes a lot of material about being available to the Spirit of God and would be good reading for anyone who wants to tap into the God's power.
When anyone mentions "measuring", I freeze up!! I have trouble with the term because "just living Christ" and "praying for God (all three parts of the Godhead)" to help me have that character and to have wisdom and to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. How do I measure God's response? I cannot and do not. I trust him and depend on Him for all.
I study the scriptures and pray daily.  Also, I have found that fasting as well as praying enables the Holy Spirit to give me instructions, encouragement and power to endure.   He also reveals to me that I must crucify the flesh daily so that the life I now live is because of Christ living in me.  Remember Jesus told His disciples when they could not cast the demons out of the young man that some things come only by prayer and fasting.
Thanks for the encouraging words! I kinda consider myself (like C.J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace) a "charismatic calvinist." I really see the need for the Holy Spirit's leading, gifts, power, truth, grace, comfort, etc. in today's church. We have strayed so far, settled for so little, and deny ourselves so much by not walking after the Holy Spirit, being continually filled with His grace.

Ronald W. Willis said:

Praise the Lord!!! Brother Jerry, I am truly sorry that no one has responded to this discussion since you posted it.  I have recently discovered this discussion and I am glad that I did because I know from my own experience that this is one of the topics that is causing much of the Body of Christ to have great difficulty in recieving all that the Father has for His Body which is the church of the living God.  I truly do believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit and I have been a true witness to this power in my own life.  I didn't realize at first that this power is much needed for the empowerment of the believer to fully get revelation of the scriptures.  I believe that we must be "born again" to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that in order to  do the will of the Father, we must first be "born again" and secondly we must be filled with the Spirit of God.  Please help me out here, am I right on this or do I need a deeper study in and of the infilling of the Spirit of God.  I can't wait for your response, thank you for this discussion, amen... 

It is interesting to me that Paul frequently, when confronting error, lack of passion, apostasy, and other challenges with his flocks scattered around Asia, would appeal to how they had received the Holy Spirit. It must have been something personal, intense, "know-able," and in many cases very visual/visible (signs, miracles, wonders, tongues, etc). In addition - not in lieu of - the Holy Scriptures, the testimony of Jesus Christ, the preached Gospel, Paul appealed to personal experience of the grace, the gifts, the power, the fruit of the Holy Spirit to encourage, exhort, correct and reprove his flocks. 


Are we missing something?

NOTE ~ This was originally in a topic on relying on the Holy Spirit’s power, hence the opening statement...

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