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I would like some input on the DFD series.  The 2.x series must be improved over the original series?  But, the 2.x does not have a leaders guide.  The publisher told me their might have been an ebook leaders guide but they are no longer available after the merger.  Has anyone used these materials?  what would you recommend?

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Ive used the materials. Excellent. Leadership guide available at Christian

What do you mean 2.x series?

Nav Press published a series with 7 different books and a leaders guide and then they

published the new series with 4 books the best I can tell.  here is a link to that series.

The link that others have sent me is to the leaders guide for the 7 book series.  I am

interested in leader material for the 4 book series?  Anyone have an ebook or anything?

Delores, did you use the 7 book series or the new 4 book series?  


Delores Liesner said:

Ive used the materials. Excellent. Leadership guide available at Christian

We have used the DFD series with folks in decades gone by -- it is a good discipleship tool!  As with many tools, we care to fit the plan to the man, not the man to the plan.  And it is one of many things we can use but don't always use. 

We would highly recommend that it not be discontinued.  It is an excellent series especially for young Christians who have very little Christian background.  Yes, the culture has changed a lot over the last 50 years, and so we realize that an eager young disciple might have to be nurtured to a point where they would be ready to handle this -- in many cases, those who are young just haven't been inculcated in good reading and study skills like many of us were year ago.  But we feel that the DFD series needs to be there, alongside many other tools.

Thanks for hearing us.

John & Sarah Nehring

Virginia Beach, VA

Tidewater Nav20s


1 Samuel 23:16  -->  Helping others find strength in God


I took a group all the way through it and it took about two years. It is very good and I would recommend it. However, I think it is better to start with the Growing in Christ (NavPress, 13 lesson series) I don't think there is anything better for new believers. I never used a leaders guide and I didn't think it was needed.

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