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Resource: "Real Connections: Ministries to Strengthen Church and Community Relations"

Real Connections

Joy Skjegstad & Heidi Unruh

Endorsement by Phil Miglioratti

This is a book that deserves my #ReimagineCHURCH...hashtag!

Written in the eye of a pandemic storm, Heidi and Joy found themselves asking the questions every church member wanted to ask and every congregational leader knew they needed to ask. "What should the church look like when the crisis has subsided? And how do we get there?” 

Writing out of their personal and practitioner experiences, Joy and Heidi provide us a crash course in rethinking core issues and reshaping structures that will empower congregations to respond to a post-pandemic reality.

The focus on “connections” makes this a text for reimagining disciple-making, a tool for reshaping evangelism training, and a tactical guide for loving our communities for-with-to Christ.

The Table of Contents reads like a syllabus to a course on community impact. Each chapter a file with practical instructions and strategic"lab-like” case studies.  RealConnections. Talk with  Strangers. Everyone Should Have a Friend at Church. Build Relationships with Groups. Connect Across Deep Differences. A Beautiful Day When You Know Your Neighbors. Navigating Change. 

Thank you for this strong declaration of hope. Truly,  "The Church is not closed.” But it will not be open for business -as-usual.It is time to reimagine church as connections.

     To Christ.

          In the congregation.

               To the community. 

Check it out>>>

Phil Miglioratti

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Could this missional paradigm be applied in your setting?

We looked to Jesus. Jesus’ early followers used this same “Reach, Teach, Send” paradigm, but inside communities of believers

  • NEEDS. The early Christians were dedicated to caring not only for one another’s needs, but the needs of the poor and vulnerable.
    To effectively reach and care for extreme needs, Christians must be able to share burdens together.
  • ENVIRONMENT. The early church was counter-cultural, but tightly knit. Discipleship happened daily, not just Sundays.
    To teach Jesus’ ways, Christians need the support and accountability of healthy, caring companions.
  • CLASSISM. The early Christians worked to build community across differences in social classes, often meeting in both public centers and in homes. They shared in all aspects of life.
    Christians need to supportively send each other across traditional social boundaries. 

We began to focus on local sending, starting community projects with leaders from The Well who were ready...keep reading>>>

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