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Equipping Your Reimagine Journey

Engage ... the People, Places, Problems in your community

  • Events - service projects that meet real needs
  • Evangelism - expressions of the Gospel that build faith, hope, love in God
  • Equip - Christ followers to live a prayer-care-share life*
  • Empower - with justice for powerless groups 
  • Education - advocate for students; strengthen schools
  • Economy - partner to increase job opportunities; resource poor families 
  • Environment - tackle projects that improve water, health
  • Emergency - prepare to respond to disasters
  • Entertainment - employ movies, comedians, concerts with biblical values that you #ReimagineJUSTICE + #ReimagineCITIES

*The Prayer-Care-Share Life

     Prayer = praying for, in, with the community

     Care = from simple acts of kindness to compassion-actions to justice advocacy

     Share = showing (demonstrating) & telling (stories, sermons) the Gospel of Jesus

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Your go-to sites in each of these spheres of community life.


     Emergency - Christian Emergency Network @


Indianapolis responding to a Chicago newsletter - -

Doc... I always love what I see tweeted out of Chicago these days.  Thank you so much for doing all you're (all) doing there, collaboratively.

Love the idea of your 3 geo-workshops some of you tweeted today, to schedule the training of #neighboring types.
Any chance you already have, or are building now, a 'handbook' for prayer-care-share operations in a neighborhood?
With so many ministries having 'their own' training materials, I can't say that I really know of a generic, spot-on, 'handbook' -- or for that matter, a textbook that adequately covers the best bases.
Moreover, some of us attempt to live in the urgent/important quadrant -- highlighted perhaps as we consider #neighboring in a coronavirus context soon.  So we wonder what your Building Blocks of Peace workshops might be teaching re that perspective... ie, readiness that comes from the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6)... and... learning to devote ourselves to love & good deeds, meeting urgent needs (Titus 3).  (We hope that our ReadyChristian / ReadyChurch / ReadyCity training guides handle that aspect well.)  /Neil

Chicago replies - -

Honestly we are somewhat building the road as we travel guys!

Finding much favor relationally throughout the city with so many pastors/leaders! We are trying to steward it well- deeper and wider.

We are gaining traction in the seasonal rhythms, people are getting it. Winter Prayer, Spring Training, Summer Engagement, and Fall Relationships.

  • Aiming to be not so much prescriptive as principle-driven. Leading with our ears and eyes more than our mouths!
  • Aiming to contextualize prayerful engagement in the diversity of so many neighborhoods! Why we are not “packaging“ it.
  • Launching Peace Week this summer as well after Hands Across Chicago Memorial Day Weekend and Crossover Saturday in July, in between Cubs/Sox series, getting churches to serve across town in many under-resourced communities.

Still learning our way along, and in the midst of it all, trying to rally more praying in the midst of more doing to undergird it! A labor of love my brothers! Thanx for the roles you both play as well!   / Doc

Two Love-Your-Neighbor / Prayer-Care-Share resources for "Emergency" response

From the author the The Incarnational Church and one of our Coaching Sessions interviewees. that your congregation truly engages your community at a point of real need.

Engage with kindness, generosity, sacrifice; a clear expression of and invitation to the love of our Lord.

ECONOMY -  - partner to increase job opportunities 



As we work together to overcome the impact of COVID-19 in our communities, we realize that organizations, companies, and (most importantly) people will be impacted over the next several months. Jobs for Life strives to provide measured leadership and tangible solutions for community and organizational leaders, and their networks, during this unusual and uncertain environment.


To better serve you and your community during this time, we are offering the Jobs for Life class ONLINE for the first time in our 24-year history.


This pilot program intends to provide job seekers around the nation with productive and transformative work-readiness tools and resources, accessible from any location with internet access. 


The JfL Virtual Class will be held bi-weekly, nationwide by trained leaders. The pilot program's first class will begin on Monday, April 13th.





As I shared in my recent video announcement, this is a message of hope as new opportunities arise during this season of social distancing and anxiety. We know many of you are seeking new and creative ways to serve your neighbors, especially individuals who now find themselves without stable employment and an uncertain future.


For those who find themselves in a period of transition, a Jobs for Life class can serve as career coaching, an opportunity to create a vocational plan, and access to mentorship. Our proven, character-driven, Scripture-based curriculum also helps job seekers with strengths assessment, networking, and resume writing.


Register for the JfL Virtual Class today to begin this journey with us towards uplifting humanity through the dignity of work—one city, one community, one life at a time.


Regardless of your particular situation, we’re in this together. Sound minds, calmness under pressure, and helping one another will win the day. We encourage you to contact us and let us know how we can help better serve you and your community.


> To be a National JfL Class Sponsoror to discuss other national partnership and sponsorship opportunities, email Ryan Ray at



A simple outward focused prayer template - - 


Pray for specific people (doctors,, care-givers, restaurant servers, pastors)


Pray for specific problems they are facing (exhaustion, supplies, suddenly unemployed)


Pray for specific places (nearby hospital, businesses, nursing homes, schools, churches)


Pray with specific purpose (Heal/Help that... they may trust you as they serve others)

[visit The #ReimagineFORUM @ Pray.Network]



Hi Phil,

I’d like to introduce folks to our ArcGIS mapping dashboards that help local church, charitable nonprofit, and government leaders connect neighborhood volunteers to those in need of help. This is an important tool for trusted organizations mobilizing volunteers in the decentralized way that social distancing and stay at home orders require.

Here’s a link to a five minute eight slide presentation on our new Neighbor-to-Neighbor tool that uses ARCGIS Mapping tools to connect those who wish to give help with those with an expressed need.  (


Glenn Barth, President


(952) 975-0516

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