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...if these observations are accurate (and if you don't think they are, please respond with your perspective), then what would you do to reimagine discipleship in every group and gathering, meeting and ministry, service and setting?
  • Education has become more experiential
  • Instruction is enhanced through interaction 
  • Audio-toriums are now Audio-visual theaters 
  • Factory, assembly-line learning (desks in rows) give way to facilitation (roundtable discussion)
  • Passive learning (sit and listen) now invites participation (audio + visual + kinetic)
  • Content (information) is enhanced when contextualized into social settings
  • Students (noun) are perceived as learners (verb)
  • Teachers are learning leaders; participants in the learning experience
  • Coaching is as critical to learning as lecturing-preaching-monologues


  1. How do these insights redesign the role of the teacher-leader?
  2. Are the implications to your methods of disciple-making?
  3. How would an assessment of these observations change how you approach preaching?
  4. What changes should be made to classes and training sessions? 
  5. How will you refocus on being Christ-centered rather than content-centered?
  6. What other questions should you ask to reimagine discipleship? Evangelism? Equipping? 


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