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"Presenting Jesus not only as the Servant who redeems and forgives, but also as the King who demands loyalty and devotion, is an important task facing the church today. Unless we do a better job at the front end of people's Christian experience, we are likely to draw them into an inadequate version of discipleship that may never be corrected. We must help people not only to fall in love with the Savior, but also to fall at the feet of the King."

Jonathan Lunde, FOLLOWING JESUS, THE SERVANT KING - A Biblical Theology of Covenental Discipleship

What do YOU see as challenges facing us today as the Church - individually and corporately - in being/becoming disciples?

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One brother asked that we meet on a regular basis for prayers and Bible Study as the "pull of the world" was still very strong for him. We met on a Thursday and agreed to meet on Saturday. When we met on Saturday, he told me that between Thursday and Saturday, he had more than ten phone calls inviting him to go for "enjoyment" at no cost to him.

When I went to visit in another town, I attended an evening service and after the service, there was tea and biscuits. I made a deliberate effort to sit on an empty table and "see" how welcoming we Christians are. After about 45 minutes when no one was joining me, I went and joined another person who was alone on an empty table. It so happened that this was the first time this person had come to church although he stays close by. He had heard the singing and had come because he wanted to talk to someone, as he had "issues." Being new in the town and I was only going to be there for 3 days, I had to look for the Leadership of the church to connect the gentleman.

Yes Jerry, one of the challenges is lack of fellowship/ care. After church service, who do you hang out with? Do you look out for that "stranger", or a familiar face?
Excellent example of what I too have seen/experienced. Are we too networking media focused to actually engage "real people" in "real conversation and fellowship?"

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