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Are You
Asking the Right Questions?
The Coronavirus Pandemic is a forced-opportunity for the Church to apply Romans 12:2 ("don't conform; be transformed") to our modes of praying and our methods of disciple-making.
Too many leaders are responding with changes without asking questions"
  • What does the response of your members/groups/team/network to this unprecedented virus-crisis indicate about their prayer capacity?
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your disciple-making methods? Do you observe faith or fear, peace or anxiety, focus on God and others or on self?
  • What changes to your communication and "gathering" modes have been effective for your people during shelter-in-place?
  • How will you engage leadership to rethink prayer? Disciple-making? so that you prepare for the after-virus recovery phase?
Consider these simple steps:
  1. Read Romans 12:2 in 3-5 different translations
  2. Conscript your own paraphrase; pray as you write/type
  3. Share your paraphrase with your Lead Team, asking them to take steps 1 and 2, thinking about the 4 bullet questions above, then share their paraphrase with you (or the entire team on a reply-all Emessage or a group text).
  4. Convene a conversation:
    1. Pray first, focusing on asking the Holy Spirit to reveal how Jesus wants to "transform our minds/thinking
    2. Discuss the 4 questions (assign someone to take notes)
      1. What? ...does each question mean for our situation?
      2. So What? ...are the implications of what God is revealing to us?
      3. Now What? the Lord leading us to review/revise/renew?
    3. Pray - - Give a think-about-this assignment - Set a date to reconvene
  5. Share insights and comment below that will be beneficial to others on this journey . . .
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Much of what has been done for years is simply a matter of preference. Pastors dress a certain way, use a certain pulpit, lead certain weekly lessons, and speak into certain settings.

All of that was acceptable and sometimes even effective. However, now the style is not nearly as important as strategy.

We’re forced to ask why we’re spending time and energy in a direction. If the answer is merely tradition, it’s often found lacking.

Standing behind a large wooden pulpit and demonstratively declaring the Word of God doesn’t translate through online mediums how we might want.

If everyone is participating in the Sunday morning online worship service in casual attire it may feel unnatural to be in a suit and tie.

None of this is wrong, but for the sake of effectiveness we need to ask why. Churches that ignored strategy for years, choosing to continue doing what has always been done, are struggling now to pivot the way we’ve been forced to do.

It’s past time, but nonetheless a good time, to evaluate if the efforts the church is involved in are the most strategic uses of the resources we have. If they aren’t, now may be a strategic time to dismiss them.

Five Radical Disciple-Making Shifts

What changes can you make to be more effective at making and releasing disciples?

Are we making disciples surrendered to Christ and His Lordship? Though very few concrete statistics on our overall effectiveness currently exist, it’s difficult to argue in the affirmative.

What then can we do to get better at the Great Commission? Based on his considerable experience with starting churches from disciple-making small groups, Real Life Ministries founder Jim Putman has identified five paradigm shifts church leaders can make to become better at accomplishing the mission of the church. We asked him and Dave Ferguson, who also leads the church-planting network NewThing, and Community Christian Church in Chicago, to help unpack each shift and its potential impact.

Shift 1: From Reaching to Making

Shift 2: From Teaching to Modeling

Shift 3: From Attending to Participating

Shift 4: From Connecting to Transforming

Shift 5: From Attracting to Deploying

Click here for the original article>>

Jesus’ Secrets for Advancing His Kingdom During the Pandemic

Jesus’ Secrets for Advancing His Kingdom During the Pandemic

Jesus’ Secrets for Advancing His Kingdom During the Pandemic   Introducing Jesus’ Secrets In my previous books, Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God, The Incarnational Church, and The Kairos Adventure, I emphasized the centrality of the home for loving and...
A Door of Opportunity

A Door of Opportunity

“…I have placed before you a door that no one can shut”… (Revelation 3:8) DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE RESOURCE In 1994, we in the San Fernando Valley experienced the “Northridge Earthquake.” During that time, walls came down (literally too) between neighbors. Neighbors were...
The Kairos Adventure – Compassion Knows No Bounds – Chapter 34

The Kairos Adventure – Compassion Knows No Bounds – Chapter 34

CHAPTER 34 Compassion Knows No Bounds  “You’ll never meet a person you can’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”  Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease...
The Kairos Adventure – Compassion Knows No Bounds – Chapter 34

The Kairos Adventure – Conclusion – It’s Your Turn

CONCLUSION It’s Your Turn  “The best suggestions will come from the Helper.” I hope the Lord has inspired you by these neighborhood stories and you have gained some insight as to how to more effectively love your neighbors. To help you get started in your own...
The Kairos Adventure – Compassion Knows No Bounds – Chapter 34

The Kairos Adventure – The Miracle for Five Guys – Chapter 33

CHAPTER 33 The Miracle for Five Guys  “Negative characteristics that defined this homeless man were barriers that kept people like ‘us’ away from him.” “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you...


Seven question to keep your focus on your calling; prayer, evangelism, loving our communities to Christ with justice...

Use these questions in your planning, incorporate your team, initiate with prayer...


The Seven Questions.docx

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