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I had been in and out of prayer this morning.  Then I was Given this to think about.

Humans are made up of the physical and the spiritual.  The physical part we can readily see.  The spiritual we can only see manifestations thereof.

So where, exactly, is the spiritual located inside the human body?  The heart?  The brain?  I couldn’t figure it out.

My best guess is that the spiritual in a human body is where the “brain bone” is connected to the “heart bone.”

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This is an interesting metaphor ... can you unpack that a little more?

How does that insight (potentially) change the way we grow as disciples? Make disciples?


This is the first step in exploring a "logical" approach to evangelism.

The metaphor is based on the old spiritual, "Dem Bones."  In a led discussion, the introduction would include a partial recounting (maybe in song) of a few lines from that song.

The foot bone connected to the leg bone,

The leg bone connected to the hip bone,

The heart bone connected to the brain bone....WHAT?!?

That's how we hear the Word of the Lord.

The premise being that if your brain and heart aren't connected, you won't hear the Word of the Lord.  You can't hear the Word of the Lord.

This would lead into a discussion of how people were reached during and just after the Time of Christ.  This would be compared to today where we are so sophisticated that:

Modern society,

Which touts its Sophisticy,

Trusts more in humanity

Than it does in Divinity;

It bids the Almighty

To leave the vicinity.

In the first century, people were so much less knowledgeable about things.  We now think that we are far more knowledgeable about many more things:

the world is 14 billion years old (a day could be like 2 billion years to the Lord couldn't it);

man came about by evolution (God made everything, if there is evolution, He Invented it, so why wouldn't He use it);

The universe was created by the "big bang" (Newton's third law is: For every actionthere is an equal and opposite reaction.  So Who Lit the Fuse).

Civilized man "knows" so much, that he is not afraid of God, while the ancients feared Him.  Many civilized men do not even know to which meaning of the word fear that pertains.

Thus man uses his own logical powers to run his life and others.  He has little use for bricks and mortar churches, but he doesn't think he needs to understand the Universal Church.  [An aside here.  Question:  How do you know when you have "graduated" from organized religion and are ready to continue your spiritual education at the Universal Church?  Answer:  You jump up and toss your bricks and mortarboard in the air!]

This then returns to part of the comment I shared to the Doug Small interview:

"I pray that the Universal Church, in thinking outside of the "bricks and mortar" box, will consider if one of God's new Ways to Reach us is through our human logic. Once I got this through my thick head, His Path to my heart opened.

"Heaven is Perfect. We are not. Like a sports team that has lost even one game, we cannot make our own 'record' perfect. Christ is the only one, who on appeal, provides us with an unblemished life. Show me another religion, belief system or cult that does that. Christ is the Logical Choice. That is in His Army's Arsenal as well.'

This is the Task I have prayed on.  The task is not finished.  Much has been Downloaded to my heart bone and my brain bone.  He has Given me many terabytes of memory, but my human processor was made in 1948 B.P. (before Pentium).

I probably have almost all the data.  Now it is up to Him when, how and if it is to be processed.


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