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LOVE2020 Interview~ Skip Garmo, Affinity Sphere Coordinator for DiscipleMaking

LOVE2020 Interview~

Skip Garmo, Affinity Sphere Coordinator for Disciple Making

What is an “affinity sphere”?

    I'd describe an "affinity sphere" informally as a special interest group. 

    Love2020's affinity spheres are positive, forward-looking, interactive, and potentially synergistic. With His enablement, these spheres focus on God's increasing glory and pleasure in and through us as a team and as individual Christ-followers.

      Our Disciple Making affinity sphere is a growing circle of people who share a keen interest in (1) being ever-more-deeply-devoted disciples, and (2) discipling others who will disciple others in ever-expanding ripple effects. 

    As convener of this sphere, I envision us as increasingly intentional in our prayers, ponderings, discussions, and collaboration as disciples who disciple impactfully for Him. 

    Our key sphere outcome is to honor Jehovah by reflecting His agape love as a way of life. It's all about our "lifestyle worship" of Him (Matthew 5:16; John 13:35; 1 Corinthians 13). Hence my heart's resonance with our "Love2020" movement.

What is the impact/potential/significance of this Disciple Making sphere across our culture?

    Impact: It seems to me that the current impact of devoted Christ-followers on our culture is somewhat evident, but woefully insufficient. Too much talk and too little walk. Are we perhaps afraid to embrace Romans 12:1-2 with God-honoring conviction and courage?

    Potential: Our potential impact as discipling disciples is huge. Needs for disciples surround us--as do opportunities. Our darkening and crumbling culture cries for God's light reflected consistently through His followers.

    Significance: Being such a disciple is the essence of being a Christian. This should be (but sometimes isn't) the preeminent and most intentional outcome of our churches, Christian educational institutions, and other ministries. 

    To correct our course, God wants our top three personal and leadership agenda priorities to be: (1) remember, (2) repent, and (3) renew (Revelation 2:2-5).

How is the message of God’s love in and through Christ being expressed in this sphere? 

    It happens less through the "flash" of media events than through the "finish" of persistent, personal agape (Hebrews 12:1-2; 2 Timothy 4:7).

    We glimpse God’s love in the friendly welcome a Christ-follower extends to a refugee. In the self-discipline of a harried trucker when a car cuts into the lane right in front of him. In the compassion of a busy shopper who lets a frazzled mom and child go ahead of her in the checkout line. In the forgiveness of a teen toward another who offended him deeply.


How can an individual who is involved in or who identifies with this affinity sphere become involved in LOVE2020?

(1) Contact us at or contact me personally. Join the conversation. Remember, repent, and renew. 

(2) Browse, join, and discuss discipling issues at Discipleship.Network.

(3) Blossom where you are planted. This is a movement, not an organization.  

What is the path toward Love2020 Disciple Making for a congregation or ministry organization?

(1) Contact us at or contact me personally. Join the discussion. 

(2) Browse, join, and discuss discipling issues at Discipleship.Network.

(3) Blossom where you are planted. This is a movement, not an organization.

(3a) Review each ministry program in terms of its contribution to this core outcome of walking in a manner worthy of our calling (Ephesians 4:1)

(3b) Remember, repent, and renew as needed. 

Contact info 

Email is best, due to international travel: 

Please write a prayer we can pray together for the expanding and extending  of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are in this affinity sphere...

Our Father in heaven, 

You are worthy!

We live and serve at Your pleasure and for Your glory.

Thank You for Your deep and constant love, merciful and amazing grace,  and Your enlightening and enabling Spirit in us.

Help us remember, repent, and renew--personally and corporately--so our light will shine brightly among unbelievers and believers in ways that You can use to bring others to know and worship You as You deserve. You are worthy!

I ask in Jesus' name and for Your glory. 



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