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Further Along

The book began with the words, “This book is by the one who thought he’d be further along by now, but he’s not.” It doesn’t matter who wrote the book, for its author is legion. Nor does it matter the title of the book, for the opening line describes the book everyone hoped to write someday. How have we learned so much, yet applied so little? How have we grown so much, yet matured so little? Oh, I know a few whose ego allows them to believe they have arrived at…


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Number One or Other

During my first year in High School I was relegated to the Junior Varsity baseball team. The next year I was determined to make the varsity. When the uniforms were passed out I was given #25, not one of my hoped-for numbers. When I asked the coach why I got #25, he replied, “Because we only have twenty-five jerseys to hand out.” In other words, I was player #25 to make the team. My wife was engaged to another guy before we became engaged. I was the second choice to be the Director of…


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Morality, or Spirituality, or Both?

Over the years, I’ve had friends who had strong spiritual convictions but low moral standards. The results of such lifestyles have been displayed widely in the media. I fear what has been revealed in the spotlight is only a fraction of what has been practiced in the shadows. More recently I have developed friendships with those who have strong moral beliefs, but not much spirituality. Must it be either/or? Can it not be both/and? Jesus found a way to incorporate both spirituality and…


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From Tablet to Tongue

The skeptic asked me, “Why do Christians talk so much about God?” Good question. Everyone talks about what is important to them, what’s in their heart. Maybe it’s about kids or grandkids, or the weather, or ball scores, or the latest movie or song, or a new found friend. So the path is from the heart to the tongue. While Christians do the same, something additional is in our heart. Moses wrote God’s laws/commands on tablets of stone (Exodus 24:12). Twice, the writer of Proverbs used the…


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I once had a friend who responded to almost everything said to him with a one word reply – “Understood!”  It was his way of assuring the talker that he had listened and processed what was said. I sometimes wondered if he really understood or if he was just in the habit of giving that response.  Then I came across a quote from Stephen Covey, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Ouch! As one who has made a living by speaking…


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God’s Will . . . My Will

We divide and categorize people in many ways – politically, racially, economically, denominationally, geographically. The Bible divides people into two groups – those who follow God’s will and those who don’t. Many use their God-given freedom of choice to choose their own way. My granddaughter graduates from college soon. She recently shared with me her feelings of doing something different with her life than her college major prepared her to do. My response was that you do what you feel God…


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