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What God Thinks about Volunteer Ministry



The local church ministry is a volunteer army. Noah Webster pointed out in his American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828 that a volunteer is “a person who enters into military or other service of his own free will. In military affairs, volunteers enter into service voluntarily, but when in service they are subject to…


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How Volunteer Ministry Can Go Terribly Wrong

Objects that are misplaced can create a frustrating situation. I should know. My Mom was not kidding when she said, "You'd loose your head if it were not attached." However, in the church, people that are misplaced constitute a tragedy. Every believer has the greatest power force in the world and has been gifted for a ministry that will be life-changing for all who are involved. Yet, a careless (or prayerless) decision by a church leader can limit (at best) the potential for a Christian to…


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What is the Value of a Volunteer?

What is the value of a brother or sister, mom or dad? What is the value of a faithful friend? Our society has a habit of placing value on that which is self-serving (cars, phones, houses, etc.) and downplaying relationships. Last night I was challenged with a thought, "How much value does our church leadership place on volunteers?" The measuring stick for this proposition is found in our attitude toward those we work with directly in ministry.

Allen Newell, author of a training…


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From Tone Deaf to Perfect Pitch

Music is beautiful when there is the perfect balance of a strong melody and a complementing harmony. For two accomplished piano players, whose love for music was stifled by debilitating strokes, this ability to enjoy the eighty-eight keys was severely diminished. Margret was impaired on the left side and Ruth on the right. Yet, the lives of both these women changed when the director of their convalescent center placed them side-by-side on the piano bench. What came from that…


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Greater Works than Jesus?

Last week I celebrated by 37th birthday and it was nothing monumental. But out of curiosity, I researched some of the great accomplishments people have achieved before their 37th birthday. Michelangelo finished painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Robert Jarvik invented a pneumatically powered heart .Frederic William Herschel invented the contact lens. Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star…


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Key to Ministry #4

I once tried ice skating. It didn't go so well. I once tried the trumpet. No so good either. I have tried to grow watermelons in my garden. Vines look great but nothing remotely edible makes an appearance. After going to the pet store four times and replacing ten Africa Dwarf frogs (aquatic frogs for a fish tank), I gave up on the amphibians and bought a betta.… Continue

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Key to Ministry #3

Ministry is really not rocket science nor is it complex. At least it does not have to be. Over the last few years, I have read a couple of bookshelves worth of books on church leadership. Everyone has a theory about how to get people involved in ministry and how to keep them there. There are no lack of strategies and advice in the Christian bookstore.

What if the process is very simple? What if God just gave us a gift for ministry and then provided a place for us to use this gift to… Continue

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Key to Ministry #2

When was the last time you were asked to do something at church? How did you respond? Your response to being asked makes less of a statement about your commitment to the church than many leaders would want you to think. If you ask me to fulfill a task in which I have been spiritually gifted to do, you will not have to beg me to do it. The worst enemy to this desire is the distraction of other opportunities.

I love to teach. When I was saved at age 19, I did not receive a grand… Continue

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Key to Ministry #1

Let me introduce myself (since I just joined this network). My name is Jeremy Amick and I am an Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach. My job is to mobilize the people of God to do the work of the Kingdom. I have a deep passion to equip believers for the task of ministry. I am absolutely convinced that the every aspect of Christian growth (salvation through glorification) is a work of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, by way of introduction, I am completing a doctor in ministry research project… Continue

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