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It's always the thing we don't want to give up that trips us up. Ok, always, like any absolute we use so freely today, may not be quiet accurate, but it feels like always. It probably doesn't matter what the excuse is, and they like the demom at Gerasenes, are legion. In fact "but" usually is a good indicator that one of them is getting ready to speak. You know, "I'd spend more time... "but" - meet a legionaire". And, yes, I know that often we feel that we really are too busy, too committed, too something or we lack knowledge, we lack understanding, we lack something.

I don't know how we escape those "things" that often in life we allow to seem legitimate or that aren't clearly (should I keep my large SUV because it has a great safety rating, I need the space, or should I get the hybrid and have a new debt...?) answered directly in the Word. The ones we try to justify where there is some guidance although not directly addressed (overeating, buying the Lamborghini) are less justifiable. Then, there are the things that clearly are addressed but we're still unwilling to give up.

So, I've come back full circle. We have things in our lives that we hide, shelter, lie about, to protect. Like a child with forbidden candy we stubbornly try to somehow justify and hold on. I wonder if Jesus' message to Simon in Luke 7 is as pointed as it first appears, that the woman had greater sin therefore she has more to be thankful for  and will love Christ more. I also wonder if the sarcasm we can read into it, she outwardly has greater sin but you are just putting up a good front is the point. Maybe it's more a "widow's mite" lesson. Simon, you feel good because compared to others -this woman- you're not such a bad person - just a few little sins but like the widow's mite you'll have to give up relatively more than this woman because you'll have to give up all, therefore you need to love me more than she does to be willing to let go. How much do we love?

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Comment by Ray Hasson on May 3, 2011 at 6:01am
Nate Leigh, whose blog I follow on, has a colollary to this blog about running a good race by watching for the little things that trip us up based on Heb 12:1 - a verse well worth memorizing, meditating on, and applying. See Nate's thoughts on Running A Smart Race here:


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