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Along The Way: What Did God Say To You Today?

What did God say to you today? It depends on what you were waiting for God to say. I have a friend who is so intent on seeing - I know, hearing? seeing? which is it? Just bear with me a minute, after all they're both senses we don't often get right - anyway, my friend is so intent on seeing a pileated woodpecker that after a day of birding he, "hasn't seen anything!" But meanwhile my lifelist has gotten longer with warblers, orioles, etc.

My friend wants to "get on" through the forest and "find his" bird. I like to take the sit awhile and wait approach, see what reveals itself to me. When I ask myself, "What has God said to me today?" I realize I'm better at birding than waiting on the Lord. What has God said to you today?

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Comment by Ray Hasson on September 16, 2011 at 1:45pm
Beth, I'm sorry for your family's loss. Having lost my Dad many years ago, I know that there's comfort in knowing we'll be together again but no relief from the grief of loss. It's seldom present now but every so often a smell, sound, moment will make me think, Dad...

I'm honored that you've shared this with me.

Romans 12:12, Ray
Comment by Donna Lynn Easton on August 9, 2011 at 3:31pm

God has said alot lately; Ihave blessed with a couple of gentle {yet still stinging } rebukes on my behavoirs towards neighbours .I have had my heart ripped open to what idolatry can really look like,and how much damage it does to your testimony. And I even rebuked myself in the way I was dressed the other day ,just because I was reading up on dressing with in regards to one another's cultural background!



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