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Fear the glorious and awesome name of the Lord your God.

Deuteronomy 28:58 NLT


My Awe-inspiring Name reflects My ability to meet every need.

I am the Becoming One—becoming whatever you need.


I am God, Absolute Goodness—the One and Only.

I am the Prince of Peace—enabling you to sail through troubled seas on an even keel.

I am the Mighty God—carrying you whenever you cannot carry on.

I am the Wonderful Counselor—unerringly giving right advice.

I am the Everlasting Father—Rock of Ages in a quicksand world.

I am the Holy One—the Sole Source of righteousness.

I am the Lamb—the Vicarious Sacrifice for your transgressions.

I am the Prince of life—satisfying your search for significance.

I am King of kings—orchestrating order out of chaos.

I am the Lion of Judah—the Ultimate Solution to earth’s problems.

I am the Author and Finisher of your faith—Center of Gravity of your life.

I am the Advocate—your Perfect, Understanding Defense Counsel.

I am the Dayspring—changing midnight crying into sunrise joy.

I am Jesus—the Heartbeat of your salvation.

I am Christ—King of hearts, Sovereign of the future.

I am the Way—the One Way to heaven, the Highway of holiness.

I am the Truth—the Quintessence of reality.

I am the Life—Fountainhead of exuberance and eternity.

I am the Light of the World—Window to health, hope, and joy.

I am the Door—the Only Access to paradise.

I am the Bread of Life—Rich Nourishment for your heart’s hunger.

I am the Good Shepherd—caring for you in your sheepishness.

I am the Resurrection—making possible real life before and after death.

I am El Shaddai—All-Sufficient One, the One Who Is Enough.

I am Lord God Almighty—absolutely nothing is too difficult for Me.

I am the Light—illuminating dark corners of your mind.

I am the Great Physician—healing the sick and your soul’s diseases.

I am the Creator—I made people to begin with; I am making you like Me.

I am Alpha and Omega—Holy Alphabet of unsurpassed wisdom.


I Am the One Who Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been.

Reverence My Name—live in holy awe, hate evil, and trust Me forever!


Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church - Friends on a Journey of Faith

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity—Scripture Personalized

This devotional is Day 104 of Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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