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Function & Purpose


"Young person, if you spend your youth only having fun,

if you use your early years just to entertain yourself,

if you follow your heart as you live your life,

and let your eyes be your guide;

understand that for all these things

GOD will bring you to judgment.

Therefore, remove anger from your heart;

and keep from harming your body;

for neither adolescence nor youth

has any lasting value."

  • Ecclesiastes 11:9,10


ELOHIM gave man a most precious gift. A gift that can either be a blessing or a curse. A gift that can either be spent or invested. A gift that could either cost you or earn you good – TIME. Every man has the same allotment every day but how he spends it may determine how long or how short his span is on earth. Every second misspent is lost forever.


Each moment of time has an element of risk, a risk of failure. On the other hand, a moment may carry the opportunity of adventure. Each may be recognizable by man or not. It all depends on how he spent or invested his precious time in the past, if he has grown wiser by his experience of it. In fact, each time you open your mouth is a risk or an opportunity.


There are two elements that determine the quality of time – function and purpose. Since time is the appointed rhythmic sequence and cycle of every activity of each organism, especially man, we should ask ourselves, "What is the function of each man and to what end?" Ask the Maker! Isn't this what we usually do whenever we buy a new gadget? We always refer to the operating manual. It is the same with life. That is why man has always been asking, "Why am I here? Who am I?" The answer to these questions will determine if you will embark on a journey full of risk and failure or the greatest adventure of life!


In Ecclesiastes, the teacher warned us not to spend our time on trivial pursuits of fleeting pleasure aimed at solely gratifying our sensual desires because in the end, the cost may be too high; not only in the present life, but also in life hereafter. Today, many of us spend our precious time in playing games. It could be games played with new-fangled gadgets or games played with other people; but it all boils down to meaningless activity. Some of us just want to while away ourselves to relax and there's nothing wrong with a little entertainment. Some also indulge in business with a view of investing to earn more money. Some prefer to have it easy and line up at the lottery booth especially when the prize has skyrocketed to unexpected levels. There's an adrenalin rush with thoughts of suddenly becoming an instant multi-millionaire! All these, boils down to one purpose – the worship of the god of chance. The businessman may protest and say, I'm not gambling, I'm investing!" or a youth may say, "Hey, I'm just trying to enjoy myself with these games!" Whatever you do, if it is not done with your core function and purpose, is vanity and a chasing after the wind. You're hoping that you will enjoy more, earn more money and become rich! Anything that is not done with ELOHIM and for ELOHIM misses the mark.


ELOHIM has made everything suited to its time; also, He has given human beings an awareess of eternity (Eccl 3:11). Many parents will be held accountable before ELOHIM because they have not taught their children the right way to live. Many did not give the right example by their lives on how to live for ELOHIM and by ELOHIM. They did not speak the word of ELOHIM but spoke the word of the enemy, and they ate of its fruit. Instead, by their lives they showed that they worshiped the god of chance by trusting in their own ways and in their own efforts but not in the one and only ELOHIM. You see, whoever owns the gadget has the right of use. But many have rejected the will of YHWH to follow their own will.


Function and purpose – Can an axe say to the hand who welds it, how it should be used? Can a clay demand of the Potter, how it should be formed and what should be its purpose? Anything that destroys the function and purpose of any man is evil and wicked. The enemy has blinded the eyes of unbelievers so that they fail to see the joy and adventure of "doing" things with YESHUA and for YESHUA. People fail to realize that they are unable to properly fulfill their function and reach their ultimate goal without YESHUA.


Man is so focused on form. Without ELOHIM, he has learned to cope with his environment and the only way he can, is by establishing some sort of orderliness in the form of structure. He has created his own norm and standard so that if he conforms to it, he feels safe. So man created religion to assuage the longings of his soul that by somehow performing the demands of religious structure, he will "arrive." To where, he is not sure, but in any case, perhaps, the Deity he is looking for will show mercy and save him. But only on his own terms. This idea is common among all sorts of religion. They vary in form but it all boils down to the worship of the god of chance.


Religion today has preoccupied man with the form of worship, but it has not glorified YHWH because it is devoid of power and has only filled man with empty traditions that purports to help in walking the path to YHWH. The Way is not a path but a Person. The Truth is not an idea but a Person. Life is not me-time but a Person. YESHUA owns time and if you want to enjoy it, you've got to invest it with Him and for Him and in Him. Then you will have Life.


As the youth would say it, "Get a life!" And get real! Give your time to YESHUA!



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