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Good Heavens!


The heavens declare the glory of GOD,

the dome of the sky speaks the work of His hands.

Every day it utters speech,

every night it utters knowledge.

Without speech, without a word,

without their voices being heard,

their line goes out through all the earth

and their words to the end of the world.

  • Psalm 19:1-4


If you live in a highly urbanized area with plenty of neon lights and electronic billboards, you would not be able to appreciate a moonlit night sky or a star-filled horizon. Too much nightlife, would ensure that you would miss GOD's spectacular star show. If you work too hard or if you would rather work than take a much needed vacation out in the boondocks, you're missing all the fun watching birds and butterflies, even your children frolicking with farm animals and fishing and swimming in rivers or sea.


Imagine, GOD made the garden of Eden just for Adam so He could fellowship with him in the comfort of 'home'. Imagine GOD walking in the cool of the day with Adam, showing him all the sights and all the wonders of His garden. Imagine GOD lying on the grass with Adam as they watch the clouds go by and GOD pointing out the Orion and the Pleiades hanging on nothing, designed as part of GOD's universal order.


Indeed, the heavens declare the glory of GOD in all His wisdom and magnificence. One cannot help but appreciate the exactness and “order” of things. There is no speech but we observe the seasonality and continuity of order in the universe. The sun will come out tomorrow and day will give way to night. You will never see a tree or any plant for that matter, grow upside down. Every plant will always reach out to the unseen Creator. Unseen, but not uncaring as we can see by the way He pours rain on the land and irrigate its furrows with streams and rivers. He feeds every creature and commands them to perform their assigned task. For each creature has an assign task with a view to help man maintain the fertility and beauty of His earth.


Have you ever watch a baby sleep? A sleeping baby is a picture of beauty at peace. A baby has no troubles. A baby trusts his father and mother completely to provide everything, to protect him at all times and to nurture him at all times. A sleeping baby is a wonderful picture of faith at work in a child of GOD – complete, unwavering trust.


Seeing the vast universe and realizing how orderly all of GOD's creation is, I can't help but know that my GOD is real and completely loves me with an unconditional love. They utter no speech but their words are so loud, they ought to awaken every man with delight, and a longing to know GOD!


All of creation naturally worships and obeys GOD, but only man has the choice to reject the word of GOD. The Word of GOD created all that we can see and all that we cannot see. The Word of GOD is GOD. He sustains the universe by the word of His power.


YHWH wants to create a garden in each of our hearts. A special garden where the Tree of Life grows with all the other wonderful plants full of fruit. A special garden where only you and GOD can frolick and have fun. A special place where GOD could teach you wisdom direct from the mind of YESHUA the Messiah. A beautiful garden nurtured by the Word of GOD's promise. In this garden, your spirit never sleeps and often hears the words of the SPIRIT say, “Come away with Me....!”


You can decide to receive His word and be blessed; or reject His word and be cursed. Once you hear His word, you have an obligation to do it. This is what divides the children of GOD from the children of wrath. The Word is the golden thread that connects us to an abundant life.


Do you want to have the real thing; or are you contented to play religion? It's your choice!




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