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How Volunteer Ministry Can Go Terribly Wrong

Objects that are misplaced can create a frustrating situation. I should know. My Mom was not kidding when she said, "You'd loose your head if it were not attached." However, in the church, people that are misplaced constitute a tragedy. Every believer has the greatest power force in the world and has been gifted for a ministry that will be life-changing for all who are involved. Yet, a careless (or prayerless) decision by a church leader can limit (at best) the potential for a Christian to grow and experience the joy of ministry service. This is like the All Star football quarterback being assigned midseason to the duties of simply holding the ball for the kicker. You would empathize with his frustration.

When believers are haphazardly placed in church ministry, leaders are not following the lead of the Holy Spirit. When a leader chooses not to connect with a believer, but randomly asks the person to serve in a position, a recipe for disaster could be waiting. The effects of this laziness will go beyond the believer who has been misplaced. The church body will suffer, too. A local church that implores this method long enough will likely regress, stunting the spiritual growth of the believers therein.

I am absolutely convinced that God has provide for us a better way. This is too important to neglect. God's Word gives us guidance on leading His people and equipping them to serve Him with joy and effectiveness. Every believer in our churches should have the opportunity to be a part of a vital ministry and experience the exhilaration of seeing the lives of others changed by the hand of God. God often uses leaders to facilitate this connection. It is a part of our calling!

In the next post, I will begin to explore the biblical basis for volunteer ministry. 

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