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I praise you seven times a day because of your righteous rulings.

- Psalms 119-164


       Many people claim to be Christians but usually only remembers God at mealtime. 

King David was a very prayerful man and he lifted his praises to YHWH seven times a

day.  The number seven is a number of completion and David may be saying that he

raises his voice to God many, many times in the course of the day.  Some rabbis are of the

opinion that this statement should be taken literally because the Hebrew practice is to

really pray at least seven times a day. 


      YHWH does not require any man to pray at least seven times a day but He would

rather that we would come to Him willingly and seek Him with all our being.  Why?  

Because life is a prayer!  Prayer is not just talking to God but it is cultivating a

relationship that is more precious than life itself.  Prayer is identifying with the Person

you’re  in communion with.  Prayer is feeling the way He feels and thinking His thoughts.

Prayer, many times, is just keeping quiet and letting the Holy Spirit speak His heart. 

God does not need our instruction, we do.  We need to let His word sink into the deepest

recesses of our hearts so our spirits can rule over our flesh and do it with enthusiasm and

resoluteness.  Prayer is letting YHWH change our minds and so, change our lives.


      Prayer is surrender.  It is confessing, “Father, I don’t know what to do!”  To pray is to

walk in the ancient ways of YHWH just like what Enoch did; just like what the ancient

prophets did.  Just like what YESHUA did.


      Prayer is a confession that my greatest need is YHWH alone.


      Father, let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done in my heart, as it is in heaven…



ה מלאך

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